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Where Enterprise Resource Planning meets Facilities Management

Our ERP fused facility management system has been designed to be multi option, intelligent and adaptable process allows its users to gain vital intellect from every aspect of their business. ERP:FM allows for faster, clearer and more cost effective working, management and day to day running of your business or organization.
ERP:FM is where 'Enterprise Resource Planning' meets 'Facility Management' to offer a vast range of products, all built and designed to offer every type of business or organization a unique, smart and flexible system of work. ERP software excels in delivering core business intellect of day to day operations for large international organizations, while also appealing to independent business, offering cost effective solutions.
Enterprise Resource Planning Software
All of your core business needs are met with ERP FM, no longer do you need to have 6 different systems, offering individual specified products. With a CAFM process deployed it allows users all core business modules in one place, with a vast variety of extra, cost effective and business changing products.
The term ERP software reaches as far and wide as you and your business. Excelling with the task of bringing core functionality from multi international locations, bringing together all your business critical data and working to one central web based system.
Gain full visibility on all of your business day to day working with the right business software. Assign and follow your work staff with GPS location enabled. See who is available, in transit or working with live feeds from google maps. Assign staff to jobs nearest to their current location and save time, man power and money.
Quotations and Invoicing
ERP:FM allows you to clearly create and manage quotations from a draft format, all the way to invoice, never miss a payment again.
Reporting and Intellect
Let us provide your business with intelligent reporting, and gain full visibility through business impacting intellect.
ERP Examples and Demos
Unrivaled in depth when it comes to preset up ERP systems that give good examples of how you should work.
Bills, Expenses & Purchase Orders
Take control over your finances, With ERP software, you will gain vision and intellect on all business expenditure
Service Events & Task Management
Start, middle, end - Have vision and clarity in every single job assigned to your workforce, whilst always following compliance assurance.
ERP System
ERP offers you a safe, secure and super-fast document managing system. Securely Upload and Share vital business documents
ERP System
Implement Enterprise Resource Planning
If you are looking for an ERP system that works in the cloud for your business, then look no further as ERP FM have every component an organization may ever need.
An ERP system for you
Enterprise Resource Planning can be sourced within the organization or you can take advantage of our professionally developed ERP Software. More often than not, professionals are better placed to design more effective ERP software that will effectively suit your organization's need.
Successful ERP
When there is no IT Staff in place, chances are that the system designed might not incorporate all that the management will need when they have to make decisions, but by using ERP FM you will provided all the business support you will ever need to make sure that your ERP system is running effectively and efficiently.
Enable ERP
The purpose of ERP is to enable organizations integrate every aspect of the business and make communication easier. It is also aimed at helping the management of an organization to call up any information they need from the database in order to make an informed decision.
IT Department and ERP
For an organization to get the best out of ERP FM, there is a no need to have an IT staff in place as we take care of all the hard work when it comes to server management, patching and upgrades, we are better positioned to be on hand in handling any issue saving you on those costs.
Setting up an appointment on Mobile ERP
ERP Document Management
Small Business Schedule Software
Advanced GUI and Window Management
ERP Data Centers
ERP Task Management List
ERP Mobile Tasks
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Why Enterprise Resource Planning?

For Business Owners
As a business owner or facilities professional for an organization you want to make sure you have full visibility of the cost for your day-to-day activities. ERP will increase vital business intellect, and have the freedom to make cost effective and sustainable business decisions.
Full Visibility
Providing full visibility by service delivery and ownership with relevant intellect to all areas of your business, whether that is in house staff or service partners, ERP will allow you to have full operational and financial controls to ensure you can demonstrate you are delivering cost effective, compliant services to your business and customers. We work with customers in government, finance, trading systems, industrial and ecommerce.
Easy, Innovative, Flexible
Facilities management gives your business clarity and sustainability, with our innovative system, you can easily and simply navigate and manage your entire organization. With the best Enterprise Resource Planning you can pick and choose from our rich product list to custom build a system that is built for you.
ERP Help Desk There to support you
We have a dedicated team of help desk members ready to help you and your business, throughout the set up phase and once you have gone live, e-mail, text or phone, Let us help you
CAFM Communication
Secure and Safe with ERP:FM
Here at ERPFM we know the importance of your business software and data, that's why we supply you with your very own dedicated server & ensure daily backups for your peace of mind
Try out our ERP System
Contact us for more information about how you can get to grips with our fusion of enterprise resource planning and facilities management
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A new generation of portable working
In the age of technology, being able to gain intellect and work on the go is vital to any sustainable business, this is where ERP FM utilizes Enterprise FM to reach the results your business needs.

Discover ERP Mobile

With ERP:FM Mobile you can always access, manage and analyse all of your business needs on the go. Smart, seamless and clear, ERP:FM mobile is easy to use and offers a variety of core system products.

Deploy straight to your workforce, no set up or download required, Just login and start your business, immediately communicate directly through any device, work offline, anywhere, any time.

Utilise your Workforce

With ERP Mobile, assigning, deploying and managing your workforce has never been easier. Assigned jobs can be accepted for the task in hand, show positions in transit, and log start and finish times on when the job has been completed. All data is sent live to the admin users, with full tracking and live data updates.

ERP for Small Business

Technology has come a long way, so has the capacity of the Internet to reach to every corner of the globe. However, a constant and full connection is not always available ... But with ERP:FM, our system has been designed to work online and offline so when you or a member of your workforce has gone offline you can continue with the tasks at hand making our business software fundamental to your business.

With ERP FM we have built a system that can scale from the ERP small business user all the way to large conglomerates which have business interests from Europe to Africa and back to North America, the ability to scale is endless.
ERP Mobile
Cafm EPOS System
Geography Tree
New Task Creation
ERP Task Expansion
ERP Geography
Estate Vision
Gain full vision of your estates buildings, workforce, Work fleet, assets & equipment.
Finance Systems
Everything you need to manage your finances for sales and procurements
Task Management
Manage all your planned and reactive tasks. Bring business efficiency and compliance to the front
More Business Tools
ERP:FM is rich with business systems. Start with one system and let your business grow by extending your package
ERP:FM has been designed to be the future of facilities management software. Our Industry changing products are in the process of revolutionizing the way independent businesses and large organizations operate. With an easy, clean and innovative approach, we believe that we will change the way you do business, you will gain vital intellect and have full vision through every aspect of your organization even changing how you interact with employees and suppliers.

Customer Care

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