Achieve Business Compliance With ERP
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Achieve Business Compliance With ERP

In the past, spreadsheets and external databases were the most fashionable way to keep abreast with regulatory compliance. Using the two tools were the only option of tracking regulatory compliance and more often missing to make valuable regulation compliance data entry exposed an organisation to numerous risks such as paying a huge penalty, weakened brand and sometimes risk business closure.

ERP has eliminated the manual tracking of regulatory compliance through real-time data transmission. This has ensured that the entire compliance regulations requirements are not only met, but also exceeded. Maintaining regulatory compliance has enabled many reputable firms to strengthen their brands and continue to thrive in every environment. The benefits of ERP in enforcing compliance regulations cannot be underestimated due to the excellent feature of ERP system which continues to grant most organisation a lifetime ticket. A majority of contemporary organisations now operate without fear of getting pushed out of business as a result of non-compliance.

ERP Business Compliance

Key Features of ERP in Aiding Compliance Regulations

Process Visibility and Controls

There is nothing remarkable in compliance regulations as achieving process visibility and transparency. ERP guarantee process visibility and control which helps in keeping track with various regulations from the first step to the consumption stage and post-consumption. The post-consumption stage is associated with consumer complaints. An ERP system easily integrates into an organisation inbuilt system and ensures every process which was once hard to track can now be managed from a single point.

This keeps concerned personnel at par with what is happening at each process and how they can apply corrective measure when thy notice a vital process has failed to meet the set standards. The introduction of serial tractability has made it possible to maintain point-to-point tracking of every process input. Electronic signatures have further improved audit process. It is easy to backtrack any problem down to where it started. ERP has made it possible to institutionalise internal control system ensuring cross-checking of all products and services whether they conform to the required standards before circulation.

Data Security

Breach of data security remains one of the contentious issues regarding how an organisation should store and handle tracking data. May organisations have fallen victim of a breach of data security which made them a victim of non-compliance regulation. ERP system offers access control which ensures an organisation is in total control of every piece of collected data through enhancing data security such as data encryption and access control to permit only individuals with access to such information.

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ERP has facilitated data authentication enabling business entities to keep audit trails in accordance to compliance regulation requirements for future references when a complaint is registered for further investigation.

Quality Control

Contemporary ERP systems have made it possible to track all the innovations and compare data produced in every step against the requirements. It is, therefore, possible to automatically adjust processes which fall short of expectations to satisfy compliance regulations. ERP system guarantees process data integrity.

This makes it easier to make valuable process decisions when a problem has been reported and traced. Furthermore, it has made it possible for a swift corrective measure to avoid ruining other queued operations in this era of robotics and automation. An organisation can ensure total compliance regulation with a suitable ERP system which permits internal quality controls and process integrity. An appropriate ERP system also facilitates real-time tractability of botched processes which might pitch an organisation against the regulatory body as a result of non-compliance.

Preventive and Reactive Measures

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One of the greatest features of modern ERP system is that they help in minimising risk through making it possible to plan early enough against foreseeable hazards. The system allows for programming of regulation standards and developing an action plan that guarantee that each of the requirements met. Also, in a situation where some processes have been compromised, the system will report an error allowing ground personnel to take a swift action in normalising operations.

ERP system further facilitates reactive measures by allowing real-time access to specific data set needed to aid product tractability in case of problem detection. This can be in the form of a unique serial number or batch number to initiate a systematic product recall process without raising the alarm. ERP system can further guarantee compliance regulation through the efficient product recall management system when an early is detected as required by the regulatory authority.
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