Advantages of web based ERP
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Advantages of web based ERP

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) refers to an integrated program with the aim of facilitating business operation of an enterprise. This software allows you the effective management of your company across its various departments. The software also comes in different categories and can be installed in different ways; but for the purpose of this article; we would consider the web based ERP and its various advantages.

Faster Communication

When an ERP is web based, which implies that it can be accessed from anywhere and as such makes communication within and outside the departments faster. As a result of its real time capacity and future based orientation, it comes in handy even with high volumes.

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Unlimited Access

This is one of the major advantages of using the web based ERP. With this software being web based means that you make use of it from anywhere; all that is required is an internet connection.

No installation

With just your login credentials, anyone can just start making use of this software - no installation required. Unlike the case with server based or traditional ERP systems, where the software has to be installed on every user machine, all it takes to access this software is internet connectivity.

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Minimal Cost

A significant advantage with web based ERP is the fact that since no implementation is required, there is a significant cut down on cost. This especially goes out to the small businesses, which because of its minimal cost can be able to afford it.

No doubt, the ERP is one effective way of boosting the day to day operations of any business. As a result of its accessibility and fast communication, it offers the best business solution ? in terms of integrating and automating various business activities and processes.
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