Avoid paying over the odds for Bootstrap
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Avoid paying over the odds for Bootstrap

Bootstrap is a very widely used and popular design framework that encompasses HTML, CSS and Javascript. However, despite that popularity there are many businesses and consumers that do not particularly like the usage of bootstrap in their website and systems due to that popularity which subtracts from the uniqueness of the development. Most of them would probably argue that the disadvantages with the framework easily outweigh any advantages it might have had.

Bootstrap Design

Although the Bootstrap framework is easy to adopt on any project, that turns out to be a negative from some corners and perspectives. The disadvantages are viewed as many companies already use it and all their designs look very similar to each other and it is hard to produce anything that looks original.

There seems to be little point in using Bootstrap to design new products if they look exactly like the new products that every other company in their field is doing. The problem that some have with Bootstrap is that it fails to make designs look standout and different from competing developments let alone radically different from any other design.

Bootstrap Logo

Companies that use outside designers to design their products have the added disadvantage that they are paying others to design things on Bootstrap that look unoriginal and uninspired. Some design companies even charge a fortune for such lackluster designs, where in reality the time saving element bootstrap brings and the related savings should be passed onto customers but simply aren't.

With CAFM we don't go down the Sales Force route of adopting bootstrap and have developed our own framework, database structure and backup network to increase control, uniqueness and product differentiation from our competitors.

Sales Force for example have a reputation for charging well over the odds for a product designed on Bootstrap. Companies that do not want to pay silly prices for inferior designs should find out if designers use Bootstrap and point out that a saving is being made and that should be passed onto you, the customer.
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