Bar management with ERP
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Bar management with ERP

In todays fast moving high technological driven business world, it is very important for traditional businesses to take the technological path. Enterprise Resource Planning tool is one of the vastly used tools which are helping the traditional business to be competitive with the big brands.

As the name suggests itself it works for the whole enterprise in planning it resources. ERP can be utilised to give technological edge to its manpower planning, finance department, inventory department and marketing department. These days all the big and small companies are shifting to different customised ERPs available in the market according to their needs.

Bar Management System

Bar management has been one of the most difficult tasks to scale in the traditional line of business. By increasing the manpower to increase the capacity and capability of the bar ends up creating a lot of leakages in almost all the spheres of the activities. Leakages can be in form of tangible products misplacement or wastage that is undervaluation of manpower or incorrect schedule planning. Bar management ERP can provide the solution of all these problems with a click of a button.

ERP creates several key performance indicators reports which helps the bar owner to take intelligent decisions with utmost ease which was impossible without Bar Management ERP.

Some of the important features in which Bar management ERP will be of great help is mentioned below

ERP Bar Management

1. Task Management: With the use of ERP, waiters can take the orders on their device which can be as small as a mobile phone. The same order will be registered across the Point of Sales, Inventory department, reception and at the accounts department. By the same ERP waiter will get the update of the readiness of the order so that waiter can be mobilised to serve the same to the guest in the swift manner.

2. Bar Point of Sale: Bar management ERP gives the full access and knowledge of the remaining stock, incoming stock and the change in stock in a click of a button. It makes the life of the sales personnel at the point of sales really simple.

3. Stock Management: As one of the most important factor in bar is to keep the stock available all the time and in the best of the condition. Bar management ERP gives you the same with the stock management guidance. As by the bar management ERP system owner can just only view the stock but if required can also order for the new stock as well.

ERP Bar System

4. Accounts management: At last the most important aspect of the business is to maintain the account intact with 100% accuracy. With the use of Bar Management ERP owner will be able to see all the credits, debits and any other adjustment for a day/week/month or even year at one click of the button. By the ERP all the account related details are stored at one point.

Above all the most important benefit of the Bar management ERP tool is the analysis of the available data. After analysing the data bar owner can get to know about the trends, abnormality, seasonality well in advance and get ready for the change.
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