Biodiversity Loss Tracking with ERP
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Biodiversity Loss Tracking with ERP

Over the past twenty years ERP has been an invaluable resource to many businesses in all areas, all over the world. The abilities of ERP are astounding, and have created an accuracy and efficiency in business models that has never been seen before.

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning has been used, in various forms, in business since the early nineties. It has grown massively from planning and tracking manufacturing resources, developing into software that encompasses all areas of a business' key functions. All kinds of business are able to use different forms of Enterprise Resource Planning in their daily works in order to bond together essential parts of business, ultimately making the business much more efficient.

Biodiversity Enterprise Resource Planning

By using Enterprise Resource Planning, businesses are able to automate specific administrative tasks. This creates a much more efficient business model, the automatic calculations of the Enterprise Resource Planning software are much more accurate, as well as the tasks being completed much faster and to a higher success rate. The use of Enterprise Resource Planning software also cuts a lot of cost that would be associated with manual administration.

Enterprise Resource Planning software tracks and stores information exactly as it is programmed to, centralizing the information for ease of use and access. The software follows actions from beginning to end and is able to flag up any issues in the process, enabling the enforcement of proper protocol. This has been paramount in the productivity of many businesses with many different process areas.

Biodiversity Loss Tracking

The possibilities of Enterprise Resource Planning software are endless and now our product can record anything from the cash flow, to the quantity of raw materials, and will produce quotes that are shared across different departments of the business. Manufacturing will receive real-time information about how much material is remaining to work with, whilst purchasing will receive information about when it is time to restock, cutting out the need for periodic updates. This promotes and enforces a much more efficient business day, as well as saving stock and cost.

If these are the current possible uses of Enterprise Resource Planning, the possibilities of development are endless. The Enterprise Resource Planning software could be paramount in the fighting of biodiversity loss.

ERP Biodiversity

Presently, biodiversity is one of the largest problems that we face in our ecosystem, and coincidentally it is also one of the hardest to monitor. We currently rely on data from remote satellite sensing in order to monitor different areas of the globe and assess the differences in biodiversity, which we have limited access to, and lack of communication with.

Our Enterprise Resource Planning software has been developed in a way which involves constantly monitoring and reporting on satellite data, we are able to get much better handle on how the issue is progressing, and how fast. We can then get a constant stream of the satellite pictures in real time, and evaluate the changes on a much smaller scale of time, creating invaluable data.

Due to the software having the ability to be remotely controlled in the cloud, our software can be easily installed and maintained from the ground, rather than having to constantly train IT specialists to enter the satellites with it.

Given now that this is possible, the ecology community can have the opportunity to constantly, and consistently monitor the degrading of biodiversity, and much better equip itself for the fight against biodiversity.

At present Enterprise Resource Planning software is focused on the business world, increasing the competency of businesses whilst saving a lot of the costs associated with waste of stock or inaccurate data, but with ERP FM we look at all channels to support by showing much greater potential in other areas of the world. We have created a valuable resource in the field of efficiency and productivity, but its time to expand the borders of where Enterprise Resource Planning software could go.

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