Blue Chip Companies and ERP
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Blue Chip Companies and ERP

A blue chip company is a business which has reputable stock that is reliable and also of good quality. Blue chip companies are always successful regardless of the economy.

An example of a blue chip company would be a business that is always needed by the public, so therefore would not go out of business as it is not considered as frivolous or unnecessary. Its services or products are based on needs and not wants.

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A blue chip company will run their business as such, not having to really advertise a great deal, if at all, because it is considered as a need to the public. There are different types of blue chip companies, all having different areas of focus, but the general is the same. They are a need, they are in turn, busy so therefore must have proper ERP software to run their organization.

The ultimate goal of any blue chip company is to run as efficiently as possible and be able to view a summary of how the business is doing in terms of reputation, reliability and quality.

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ERP software can implement these types of goals into their business in a way that is clearly visible and easy to understand. If a blue chip company wants to increase their reputation for example, they can look at the years of business they have been in and how frequently they are meeting the expectations of the consumer.

If they want to know how reliable they are they can view how often the service was provided each time a demand was made for the service. Quality can be determined by the sources they are referring themselves to, and the quality of the sources they utilize will determine their own quality. This is how a blue chip company would utilize ERP software.
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