Boarding School and ERP
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Boarding School and ERP

Boarding schools, which originated in Britain, is a type of Boarding school where its students live on the perimeters of that school. It may also be referred to as a private school. The age groups of those who attend can range from grade 2 to the very end of high school. The costs of boarding schools can start at $20,000 and up depending on the quality of the school itself.

The purpose of a boarding school is generally to allow for the child who goes to that boarding school to get the best education possible; however there are times where boarding school is utilized to have a child's behavior corrected. The audience targeted for the advertisement of the boarding school is generally the parents themselves, or those who are caring for the child.

The education sector as well as the government highly regards boarding schools as being the best form of education. Although some may argue of its psychological implications, most children who attend a boarding school leave the school well rounded and well educated, prepared for higher levels of education.

Students and Boarding School

In addition, because of the costs associated with boarding school, the types of people who attend are generally of well established families that has a great deal of money at their disposal. There are many benefits to going to a boarding school however, as the students within have many more options by way of subjects studied. This allows for more opportunities for such a student upon graduation.

A proper plan at any boarding school is crucial in order for it to run efficiently. The instructors within a boarding schools are an integral part of how students learn within that environment. However, that is not the only part of a boarding school. There is of course the Dean of the boarding school, as well as any facility staff needed to keep the school running effectively as well. There is the billing department, ground works, general building upkeep and more. All these systems within a boarding school must run effectively in order to maintain the schools reputation.

The software of choice for such matters would be ERP, as the boarding school has several areas of concerns to deal with. The students must all be accounted for daily, as well as the instructors, and anyone else within the boarding school. All tasks must be managed efficiently as well such as food preparation for students to the ground being maintained, to any other needed tasks at any given day. Every person within a boarding school; from student to the Dean all have their place within. All tasks for each person is considered carefully on a daily basis. The reasons for each of these topics will be highlighted with an explanation as to why ERP is effective within a boarding school.

ERP Boarding School Software


Instructors in a boarding school have many tasks to perform during the course of the day. ERP would be effective for them to Handle day to day tasks such as grading papers, keeping attendance, and managing their schedules at the boarding school. All of this done in real time.

2.The Dean

The Dean would be able to foresee all that was going on within the boarding school at a glance when needed. All areas of concern would be visible to him and accessible by him. By doing so, he would have a good grasp on what was going on within the school. Any and all data; student information, the on goings of facilities, Instructors, as well as anything pertaining to billing would all be easily attainable to him.


this includes anyone withing the facilities department, management, or otherwise, such as ground works or building upkeep. These individuals would have daily tasks and checklists, all provided to them to complete on a daily basis on the ERP system.


The billing department would have all financial records on hand within the ERP systems as well as any other financial related material pertaining to the boarding school. Any statistical data would also be readily available to them when needed. In all of these cases, the ERP systems in place would be mobile devices that they may carry with them to complete any and all tasks they require to do during the course of the day.

Having these systems in place is important because it allows for the most effective organization within the boarding school. These tasks also must be strategically executed in a way that is not only effective but also easy to understand. If for example, an instructor needs to know the location of a student, the information should be easily generated by the ERP system.

Boarding School

Bracelets worn by each student could allow for this type of system to work. All students would then be easily located and accounted for. If a student was not wearing their bracelet, serious inquires into the matter could be made. Employees within the boarding school could also use this method themselves as a way of knowing who is at the boarding school at all times. Such systems in place allow for better productivity within the boarding school.

Little items like that would really assist the boarding schools bottom line as well, as the boarding school would know where there money is going. Statistical data refereed to when needed.

Its easy to see why having an ERP system for a boarding school makes sense. Not only are the functions of the boarding school more organized, but costs are ultimately lowered, allowing for more extra curricular activities for the students to be utilized, and more education for the students given as well.

With the right ERP systems in place, any boarding school will see results; and in turn everyone within the school will be more successful in their tasks. By executing these features through ERP software, the functions of the boarding school is taken to new heights, much needed updates, as well as the knowledge of knowing things are being done correctly and efficiently. This is why all boarding schools should adopt ERP into their platforms.
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