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Broadband and Telecommunications Companies Software

Facility Management Software is a tool to effectively track and maintain all of the equipment in the Broadband and Telecommunications service provider.

This comes from the integration a powerful equipment tracking, maintenance and knowledge management tools like servers. From purchase to retirement the software effectively tracks and manage sall of the equipment while saving money by yielding the longest possible life cycle.

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Key components that will be beneficial for the Broadband and Telecommunications service provider include
a powerful tool for managing and maintaining all the equipment. The asset management component deals with knowing what assets are in the inventory and where they are located.

It is critical to any organization that the facility manager allows an electronic record of each item from tools to servers or any kind of item that can be entered into the system for tracking. Equipment can be grouped by type or department and goals can be set to assign a user to more groups with the unique roles.

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Another key benefit is the bar code scanning feature that is provided so that equipment can be tagged with barcode labels and the information later retrieved with a mobile device such as an iPad. With a barcode scanner the entire asset record is displayed for workers to view. Managing equipment movement is an essential part of effective facility management.

No more time is lost wondering where an item is located or who has it. Items are quickly located maximizing worker productivity.

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Requests are occur frequently, automated service requests, within customized templates allow forms to be created for the type of request that needs to be managed. Based on the priority or the type of request automated requests can also be set up to serve as reminders.

These memorized requests consent auto alerts when preventative maintenance is needed, supports contract renewals and highlights when service warranties are due. Supporting preventative maintenance practices allows Broadband and Telecom Service Providers to get the longest possible life cycle out of equipment.
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