Business Intelligence improvements that ERP bring
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Business Intelligence improvements that ERP bring

Nowadays ERP (enterprise resource planning) is not just for large businesses. In fact enterprise resource planning for small organisations is rapidly becoming popular among ventures that want to expedite greater productivity and more streamlined overall business data that is available to all relevant departments within a venture at all times. Here are some business intelligence improvements that ERP brings to a business.

Always compare and gain intellect on all relevant data One area where ERP Business intelligence can have a trans formative impact on any business is in reporting. It goes beyond the traditional reporting methods by creating a more aggressive environment for managers to manipulate information as needed.

Conventionally, data reporting was a static procedure; managers could get a sketch of where a specific data set stood at the end of a certain week or day. ERP puts all the collected information at a user?s fingertips in an easy way that makes sense for every user. This makes it easy for every stakeholder to have a real time look at data without necessary having to pull it out of a system, enter into a spreadsheet and analyse it.

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Know where all fleet and workers are and what jobs they have assigned one of the most important advantages of ERP is improved visibility. For instance a manger will want to keep a close watch on the workers. With a quick look at the dashboard, he will be able to see where the workers are and what they are doing in real time because the workers will be feeding data into the system as it occurs.

If a certain department is not productive or is not performing as expected the manger can check on this and try to identify the cause before too much time and money is wasted. This information can be applied to long-term strategies to help identify opportunities and trends for process improvement.

Gain vital knowledge of all stock and parts you have in house When it comes to making important decisions for any business, it is very important to have all the relevant information that is needed and being confident that the information is up to date. With enterprise resource planning there is never any doubt that is the real case. Because of this, stakeholders can enjoy greater confidence and peace of mind in the decisions that they make.

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Common Business Language Resulting in Process Improvement a single software and database system allows a business to develop a common language across the many departments. With everybody in the system, there will no longer be a this is not my work mentality. Every department will understand its work in the whole process and how it impacts other parts of the business.

This type of view across departments allows for enhanced productivity in the business. In addition by streamlining processes and minimising duplication, enterprise resource planning frees staff to concentrate on value added activities, hence making a greater contribution to profitability and efficiency.

Coherent workflow ERP ensures coherent and automatic workflow from one department to another. This allows for quicker completion and smooth transition of processes and that all inter-departmental tasks are tracked and none of them is left out.

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Improved Customer Service Based on the data collected from the ERP it is very easy for customer service representatives to provide high quality services. They can interact with clients better and enhance relationships with them via an accurate and faster customers data and history box. Bottom line Regardless of how small or big your business is, it is never too late or too early to adopt an ERP business intelligence system that provides actionable intelligence information.

The data you collect will be very important in helping you scrutinise your weaknesses and strengths and allow you to make alterations before your venture experiences a downturn. You will have accurate and real time data in a coherent and presentable way that can be used to unite all your energies into one shared effort towards a specific goal.
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