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Business Telephone Systems

Businesses need efficient phone systems that also help to increase productivity. VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is basically phone service over the Internet. Is is a way that analog phone signals are converted into digital signals that are transmitted over the Internet.

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Businesses can use their high-speed Internet connection to receive high quality and affordable business phone service. It utilizes on-site hardware and cloud computing to provide advanced features that used to only come from a traditional business class phone system with installation being beyond easy and the price being more affordable than what any landline service can offer.

These VOIP business telephone systems allow each employee to access the phone system from a desk phone, or a mobile phone and remote extension. The system can handle incoming and outgoing calls, and voicemail.

VOIP is hosted in the 'cloud' to utilize better speeds and delivered via a persons internet connection. So, there are no unsightly wires or the need for service calls. Generally there are numerous features built-in that provide flexibility.

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A virtual assistant feature can provide administrative, technical, or even creative support to clients and remote staff. Voicemail to email allows employees to be off-site and never miss a message.

Setting up these systems is easy and are usually pre-configured before installation. Systems can be managed from a desktop computer through an admin portal. Different businesses have different needs in phone systems.

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As of 2015, PBX (private branch exchange) systems were phased out by most telecommunications carriers, in favor of VOIP networks. Complete migration to VOIP is expected by 2025. Even though VOIP is considered the future of how businesses will communicate, current switched networks remain at the center of communications now.
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