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ERP:FM is rich with business tools designed and tailored to enhance your business works and ongoing daily management
Tailor your ERP system with the tools you desire, with the flexibility of adding in new business tools into your package at any time.
User Location Map
Gain a greater understanding on where your workforce are located and micro manage through our mapped screens
Room Booking
Book, mange or assign dedicated room for specific times throughout your business estate. Create custom needs made available for every individual bookable room.
CAFM Computer Process
Your Work Calendar
Your work calendar allows users to view all assigned jobs, either reactive or planned works by day, week or monthly views.
Car Park Booking
Ensure smooth running of your business estates car parks. Assign dedicated spots to members of staff or reserve spaces for clients and business guests.
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VoIP is an internal communication system developed in ERP:FM to enhance the way staff communication within businesses.
Conference Calls
Interface in a conference call through your ERP system on your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. Add multiple contact to any conference VoIP call
Call via the Web
You can call a mobile number directly through your CAFM System. Add a mobile number to any of you contacts and hit Call.
Document Upload
Upload and share vital and relevant document during 1 on 1 calls or froup conference calls to ensure clarity and understanding at all times.
CAFM comes as Mobile ready utilizing HTML5 CAFM Mobile makes connecting easier
Revolutionise the way your business communicates on day to day business.
How ERP VoIP Works
Core Systems in ERP Mobile
All active user licence holders can gain access to ERP on the go through there tablet or mobile. ERP:FM mobile gives users access to the core components of their system
Work Calendar
Ensure your staff receive new jobs assigned to them in their personal work calendar, allowing your workforce always to have clear understanding of their daily loads
Service Events
See all service events that are open, due and overdue in a seamless and clear formats. See them as overview or as detailed individual events.
CAFM Features are endless
Purchase Orders
View and create purchase orders through your mobile interface. View all due, overdue purchase orders, and create new purchase orders, quickly and accurately.
Planned & Reactive Maintenance
See all recurring planned maintenance and new reactive works from via mobile. Always have the intellect needed, with priority level alarms to ensure compliance is always met.
Stock Management
Understand your stock levels on the go, anywhere, any time. ERP Mobile stock management features allows users to gain vital intellect at a glance on all critical stock levels.
No Additional Downloads
ERP mobile runs and feels like an app, but is all accessed through your web browser
Graphs & Data Analytics
Create and save key graphs to lock onto your system homescreen, which always see core data that is of your choosing
See and arrange your financial accounts in a crystal clear graph format that you setup to your preference
Custom Reports
Create custom reports to gain vital information on all aspects of your business. From finance, stock to overdue works you can save custom reports instantly
Custom Reports
Create custom reports to gain vital information on all aspects of your business. From finance, stock to overdue works you can save custom reports instantly