Call Ticketing with ERP
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Call Ticketing with ERP

Call ticketing systems are used by organizations to maintain lists of issues that include a trouble ticket, incident ticket, support ticket, and more. Being a computer software package, it makes use of ERP to maximize its potentials. With the support of ERP, call ticketing systems are more organized which makes the system to be effective and efficient. The importance of enterprise resource planning to a call ticketing system is highlighted in:


With the help of ERP, clients are better managed. If a client makes a complaint to a customer service person, a support ticket is automatically generated. With this ticket, the client's complaint can be tracked until it is effectively resolved to the satisfaction of the client. This effective way of working is made possible by ERP. Clients of organization's are happy to have their reports attended to.

Call ticketing system


As a result of the support of ERP, call ticketing systems have helped in the retention of clients. When a client has an issue properly attended to, the likelihood of the client using the services of a competitor is slim or not existent at all. This is one of the important things gained by using ERP in the ticketing systems of organizations.


Nothing beats an organization that is known for having an open line of communication with its client. It helps to build the brand of organizations. With ticketing systems supported by ERP, organizations have improved their brands by tracking every communication they have with their clients.

When clients know that an organization has an open line of communication, they tend to communicate more with the organization. The more clients that communicate with an organization, the more widespread the word-of-mouth about the good image of the organization.


One other benefit of ERP to a call ticketing system is in the area of crisis management. With the ability to track a complaint with the ticket generated, organizations are able to manage the crisis of their clients effectively. It is better to learn about a client's challenge directly than to learn of it on the pages of a newspaper or any other media outlet.

Besides, the fact that it gives the client a sense of belonging to be treated well by an organization, it also gives the organization a direct feedback on what they are doing wrong. By knowing what they are doing wrong, an organization can make a genuine attempt to make improvements where necessary.

ERP Ticketing


When the activities of a staff can be tracked, it makes the staff more productive. If for instance, a supervisor makes a follow-through call to a client who lodged a complaint and learns from the client that the staff did not show empathy to the client's plight or get the issue resolved, the staff will be in a lot of trouble. This will make the staff of organizations who with the help of ERP use ticketing systems to be up and doing at all times. Their diligence will reflect in clients being retained as well as the brand of the organization receiving good recommendations.


In the past, clients had to write organizations when they had a complaint to make. What this meant was having a series of official letters exchanged between the organization and its clients. This manual process of paperwork took more time to have issues resolved as well as the cost of stationery involved. By using ticketing systems supported by ERP, organizations now handle their clients' issues quicker. They have also saved the money used in purchasing stationery by operating an automated system.

Call ERP system


Using a call ticketing system supported by ERP has made the management of organizations effective. This automated system not only tracks how the complaint made by a client is resolved, it indirectly tracks the performance of its staff. This has made the management of organizations that use ticketing systems to be very effective.

Call ticketing systems have used the support of ERP to make clients of organizations happier with the way their issues are quickly resolved. It has also helped the management of such organizations to run an effective organization. Above all, organizations that use ticketing systems do save money that would have been spent if a manual process of interacting with clients was used.
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