Can I upgrade my CAFM System?
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Can I upgrade my CAFM System?

Nothing stands still these days and everything is always growing and developing, which means upgrades are always going to get made. One of the great things about CAFM, is the fact that the users are not being restricted to only the products that they have chosen and use.

CAFm can be upgraded easily

One of our main aims is to make sure that CAFM is able to grow, develop and improve alongside you and your business, which will clearly make life a lot easier and a lot more flexible, with a lot less restrictions. For example, you as the user may well just start things off by only having one single core product in the system, with plans to add more products to your system further down the line. When this time does come, we have made it so that it has never been easier for you, with no midterm amendment charges, as well as no restrictions.

Facilities Management Upgrade

All it takes is for you to go and log on to you CAFM account, then browse our catalogue of product, before then picking the new ones that you want to add and select. Once this has been done, the cost of each of the individual products will then get added onto you account, with the product being made instantly available to you. It is that easy!
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