Careers in Facilities Management
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Careers in Facilities Management

When considering job titles in facilities management, there are several career paths with there being a great deal involved in ensuring that a property runs effectively. There is a wide array of jobs and ways that they can be deployed to help a business with facility management. How many of these careers are needed depends on the size of the property; but here, the essential and typical positions offered will be discussed.

Asset Managers

These people in facilities management are managing all the assets that the company has and offer guidance to effectively operate these costs in a way that is most beneficial to the business. It is a specialized field within the industry which requires careful consideration on how those assets should be managed. They are typically utilized on a large property or properties, where there is a great deal at stake for the company.

Careers in Facilities Management ERP

Property Manager

This would be the on site manager who would handle and deploy all needed tasks that need to be completed within a property. A person in this position could take care of all the finances, weigh the costs of each project, and who does them. Property managers may have different levels in authority such as senior, general, and assistant. A company that requires this would decide if they need one or several managers. A company may have several properties to manage for example. In this case, the senior property manager would oversee all the properties, there would be a general property manager at each building, and an assistant property manager based on needs.

Administration/Help Desk

A crucial part of business on the facilities management side. These careers would require the person in the position to greet outsiders coming onto the property, arranging appointments, answering the phones and dealing with all the clerical aspects of facility management that would arise. In some cases where a property requires a certain level of security, a guard may take on this role, screening people before they enter a property and in turn deal with the administrative tasks associated with that. It all depends on what the company requires in order to effectively run the property.

Careers in Facilities Management Software ERP


In this career, it could be one or several persons. On a property there is always one person who handles all the miscellaneous repairs and work that needs to be done. Emergencies arise and when they do, this would be the ?go to? position. Other tasks that may be done by this person could be general cleaning, painting, anticipating maintenance, handling the waste and cleaning up the grounds. It is a career that has a great deal of expectations and responsibilities.


These are workers in specific career specialties that a property requires from time to time. They will handle projects on a large scale. In facility management, these contractors, if they have proven themselves to the company to be reliable, come back frequently. As a result, they can be seen as a part of the running business as well.

The tasks that they do can include but does not limit to, painting, floor restoration, janitorial, plumbing, engineering, electrical, carpentry and landscaping. These workers will often collaborate with each other while the work is being done so that it can get done efficiently; and so they don't get in each others way.

Careers in Facilities Management SYSTEM ERP

Their fields of work in many cases require an education and certifications. Good contractors are well informed on their area of expertise and treat their work as a career just as anyone else would. Contractors have a career with the specified company in their own right, but are still very much a key force in facilities management.

Although these are just a few examples, one can get a better sense of the tasks at hand in the area of facilities management. In collaboration, these people all know each other well and work as a team to carry out the work on a property. It is not just one person who is in a facility management role.

All of these professions have their specialty and place in this field within the company. They are very much a community that operates in a way that is effective for the business and each one is important.
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