Catch Weight Modules In ERP
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Catch Weight Modules In ERP

Food and beverage companies face a lot of challenges on determining the catch weights of products.This makes it very necessary to have a catch weight processing ERP software.This software will manage all the purchases,processing and sales.

What is catch weight processing?

Catch weight refers to the actual weight of any given product.Processing this weights makes it very important for meat and other food industries because it helps them to determine the real weight of the products thus ensuring better customer relations.

Catch Weight Module

What is the purpose of catch weight processing?

Catch weight processing ensures that the following are carried out accurately;

Billing.Ensures that clients are given correct invoices based on the actual weight of the ordered products

Application of tax charges.Products are charged taxes based on their weight.It is important that actual weight is declared lest there is an overcharge or undercharge Verification of stock levels. If the actual weight is not used,there is a high possibility of recording false stock quantities.

ERP Catch Weigt

Process manufacturing ERP system records two weights:Average weight and catch weight.The average weight is used to give estimate costs to clients.However,the catch weight is the actual weight of the products.If a client calls to book an order of certain products,the average weight is informed to them and the estimate budget determined for the client.

The benefits of catch weight processing ERP cannot be overemphasised. It will help you manage your catch weights more efficiently thus ensuring superb customer satisfaction.If your business if facing these challenges,use the system to unlock your full potential.
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