Definition of CAFM
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Definition of CAFM

CAFM actually stands for Computer Aided Facility Management, the definition of CAFM is of a program or software that allows for Facility Management to be carried out electronically. Before CAFM was developed all such work had to be done clerically and was time consuming as well. Clerically doing Facility Management processes did not particularly benefit any business yet since it has become a computer aided process it is far more useful for many companies.

The definition of CAFM

Businesses can use custom made CAFM packages, or some may even design their own software instead. Essentially Facility Management software makes managing a modern business so much easier, and management can have more information than ever before at their fingertips.

CAFM packages and software when used by well-trained administrators and managers is invaluable for making businesses more efficient and saves them money. The software can be adjusted to suit the exact needs of any business that uses one. For instance, the total amount of assets owned can be entered into the software and then altered every time assets are increased or decreased in number so that managers know what is been used and how much running the business is actually costing.

Facility Management done through computers is so faster in pointing out to management when savings can be made and costs cut. Knowing how to reduce operational costs is a benefit that no business will want to miss out on.

CAFM Software definition

Lower costs and more targeted sales are definite benefits for any business that uses CAFM all of the time. Keeping a close eye on the use of assets and the efficient use of resources as well as managing what staff are doing are also benefits of using such systems.
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