Deployment of ERP FM
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Deployment of ERP FM

The whole essence of Enterprise Resource Planning is to integrate the complete processes of an organisation from its people to its processes and systems. This makes it a good deal to employ on-premise deployment of ERP as the organisation uses its own infrastructure which they can secure and control. Add this to the fact that it can be expanded if the need for it arises and it all makes sense for an organisation to have its ERP on premise.

ERP FM Deployment

Here are some reasons why an organisation will need this:


There is no point leaving an ERP software designed specifically for an organisation to chance. Except in a situation where an organisation does not have the capacity to, it is best to have the supervision and security of an organisation's ERP system under the firm control of the organisation. The need for adequate security cannot be overemphasised when you consider that the confidential data of an organisation is involved.


Every single business day, there is a need to integrate an organisation's ERP software with the other systems within the organisation. This is necessary to ensure the smooth running of the day-to-day activities of the organisation. Within an organisation are many systems which help them to achieve their set goals. Having a proper integration of all these systems with the ERP software is very important. This explains why organisations endeavour to deploy their ERP.


ERP FM hold your cloud erp system on a dedicated server, and maintenance and reviews of the server, and its backups are monitored in house by ERP FM.

Cloud Based ERP


It is agreed that when cost is shared, the burden becomes lighter on each and every organisation involved. Regardless of this, there is a great need for an organisation to maintain the confidentiality of its data as much as it can. No organisation will like to share vital business information with others. On-premise deployment of ERP ensures that the confidential data of an organisation is protected to the fullest.


Dependence on another before a business can be taken, in most cases, is not healthy. This is most often the case in a situation that an organisation does not have total control over its ERP software hosting. Having it deployed on site affords complete control since there will be no need to consult or seek the consent of others on how to safeguard the confidential data of an organisation. Having full control over the data processes of an organisation is very key.


It is difficult to customise anything that is shared. The reason is quite simple. The ideas one organisation has on how best to go about a certain thing may not be shared by the next organisation. There is also the known fact that it takes more time to implement or arrive at a decision when there are a lot of parties involved in the decision-making process. In a situation where an organisation has total control over its ERP systems and date, it will be quite easy for them to customise it whichever they like to suit their every need.

ERP System Software

There are many benefits when an on-premise deployment of an ERP system is employed effectively. The most important benefit is the control it gives the organisation over its ERP systems and data. With control, customisation becomes possible. Besides, in business, it does not make any sense to expose confidential data. This makes it all the more necessary to maintain control. There is the everyday need to integrate every single aspect of an organisation's system. Considering the fact that if the need arises, it is possible to expand in order to contain changes that are necessary for an organisation to function properly, it is advisable to have an on-premise ERP system deployed.
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