Enterprise Resource Planning and Contact Managers
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Enterprise Resource Planning and Contact Managers

An ERP software or Enterprise Resource Planning Software is business process managing software that integrates the different processes of a system, making it easier to manage. The processes depend on and vary from company to company, and may include: technology, human resource, customer relations and so on.

Despite the obvious usefulness of this approach towards business management, there are still many companies that adhere to the old fragmented view of business management.

If you have ever wondered what the benefits of using enterprise resource planning software are on your business as a whole, there are many. Here we give an overview of how it could help you in managing contacts.

Customer Management Software

We all know the absolutely crucial role that contact management plays in the daily running of your business, whether it is in customer relations, human resource management, business strategy or sales growth. Anything that leads to better and effective contact management can only be good for your enterprise, no matter the field in which you operate.

With that in mind, here are a few ways in which enterprise resource planning can aid in correct and efficient management of your contacts:

1. Contact management software will enable you to place all your contacts in one place or pool. You cannot underestimate the usefulness of this in terms of man hours and efficiency.

Very often you have more than one department in need for the contact list for various reasons. Putting them in a secure, but easily retrievable space enables easy recording, tracking, and correspondence with various contacts.

ERP Customer Management

2. Companies can use ERP software to compartmentalise your contact list into various distinct categories. This streamlines the search process and minimises mistakes to nigh zero.

Enterprises could divide their contact list into such relevant and distinct groups as: Customer/Clients, Staff, Suppliers, Market leads. This immediately gives you access to any group of contacts you want, cutting out the hassle of searching.

3. With ERP software, companies can assign many relevant values and tags to various contacts such as: phone number, email, accounts, credit, debit, department, salary, bonus and so on. This enables anyone searching to know and evaluate an individual within seconds and with minimal effort. You could say ERP adds perspective to your various contacts. If anything, this can help you in managing their various accounts where necessary.

ERP Customer System

4. In the case of customers, you can use the organisational features provided by ERP software to know the state of your relationship with your customers. This helps in business strategy and growth planning. For example, the fact that your customers and their relevant information are all in one place means that you can easily reach out and tell them about a new product or changes in your business relations.

The above list is by no means definitive; different businesses are bound to discover many other ways in which ERP software can improve your efficiency in managing your various contacts. It should be clear by now that the question should not be Why but rather When as far as getting ERP installed as part and parcel of your business is concerned. It just makes good sense to do so from a business point of view.
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