Enterprise Resource Planning benefits to mortgage broker setups
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Enterprise Resource Planning benefits to mortgage broker setups

The following are the key advantages of using an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) System to a mortgage company and brokers:

Customer Service

ERP offers a very intensive when it comes to customer service management in a Mortgage Company. From online customer accounts to automation of the call centre, ERP helps you in creating and integrating customer service functions such as automated account servicing, online accounts, telecasters as well as customer satisfaction evaluation and analysis tools.

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Accounting and Finance

ERP provides a robust accounting and financing management tools. It easily automates many of your company's most time-consuming, effort intensive financial processes. ERP automates the budgeting, investments, payroll, interests? calculation, invoicing, and financial reconciliation. This kind of automation is essential to a Mortgage firm in generating financial statements and reports at any time. It also enables the owners of the company to analyse profit and expenses efficiently for budgeting and decision making.

System Integration

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Since most of the lending firms and enterprises use many software and applications to complete various tasks, it is inconveniencing and expensive to have a separate software for accounting, for marketing, for customer service management, and another for data analysis. ERP integrates all these functions in your firm into a single efficient system. This mechanism allows all processes and activities in your firm to communicate and share the resources with each other leading to more accurate and fast tasks completion. Integration not only increases the productivity of your employees but also improves efficient in the provision of lending services.

Marketing Management

The marketing management capabilities of ERP help your Mortgage firm in designing analysing and implementing effective marketing methods. The marketing modules are critical in determining the best course of marketing after examining the expenses, benefits, and returns of a given marketing plan. Since ERP helps you to come up with effective marketing strategies that attracts and catches customers' attention, it builds the image and reputation of your firm hence increasing the number of clients. You can determine the progress and effectiveness of your company's marketing strategies and returns over time.
Data Analysis

ERP is one of the software that offers most comprehensive and useful data analysis. It collects all the information in your firm and analyses it on your behalf. With data analysis tools, your Mortgage Company can analyse the performance, productivity and returns as well as examine all the factors involved in the lending process including payment management, eligibility determination, loan information and customer data. The visualisation of extensive information and reports generated by the lenders is easy.

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Electronic Payment (E-payment)

This a new option for paying online debts and expenses using the Credit Card that comes with ERP. It allows the brokers and the agents working on behalf of your firm to receive and accept payments from customers and your finance department over the phone. E-payment is perfect especially when it comes to paying instalments deposits. You need not waste your time and resources travelling from one client to another collecting the lend funds.

In case your want to gain full visibility on all the dad to day activities and operations in your Mortgage Company, then you have to make use of ERP. All of your core entity's needs relies on ERP. You no longer have to go for massive software and systems to keep your company running.
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