Enterprise Resource Management for Shipyard
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Enterprise Resource Management for Shipyard

Enterprise Resource Planning is the management software that allows an organization to use a system to manage the different functions related to technology etc. It defines different management functions into a logical system. Enterprise Resource Planning includes all the processes which is most important for an organization.

Within our ERP offering you will find it includes planning, marketing, finance, sales and human resources and so forth.

Modules for the Enterprise Resource Planning

- Human Resource,
- Marketing
- Finance
- Production
- Supply Chain Management

There are different phases of Enterprise Resource Planning

1. Project Establishment : It includes deliver and installation of Enterprise Resource Planning.
2. Procedure Development : It involves process mapping and gap detection.
3. Testing : whether every thing is working fine or not.

ERP for Shipyards

Deployment in a Shipyard

1. Documentation - The main point is the documentation as when before implementing, we have to create a document so that everyone can understand easily.

2. Delivery Model - It is very important to meet with the organization needs. So we should think the package we are providing, does it meets the requirements of an organization.

3. Compare the Vendors - There are so many vendors globally. "Every Enterprise Resource Planning may not satisfy all the requirements of organization". So, it's very important to create the number of functions needed by the organization which makes your Enterprise Resource Planning with the other one.

4. Results : to determine how well the system delivers and then track it and measure the results.

5. Keep the Software Update - It is also the important factor to keep the software updated.

6. Training - It is also important to train the team on tool. They must know how it works and should have all the information.

A successful Enterprise Resource Planning system will ...

i. give real time information.
ii. give direct information of human resources.iii. provides better tracking.

Shipyard ERP

Steps to a Successful Enterprise Resource Planning Implementation

A) Need the Assessment - The first step is to identify the company's needs. Documentation the process to find out the right solution.

B) Hire the Specialist - Whether we do anything, we need the Specialist for the particular field. So It is very important to hire the Specialist who has so many ideas or should be capable to guide.

C) Enterprise Resource Planning Evaluation and Selection - To select the right Enterprise Resource Planning Solution is one of the most critical step. The program depends on the organization needs. So It is very important to select the right Enterprise Resource Planning and evaluate.

D) To be Prepared for any Change - If you are implementing any new Enterprise Resource Planning, for this your employees should prepare, if you never did in the past and there should be transparency between you and your employees.

E) Data Management - This is another important factor that data should be managed in the proper way. Because sometime we have to cleanup the data and make sure you have a backup for the data so that you can recover it if there is any loss of data.

F) Implementation - After the above steps, there should be a proper plan of how to install and configure for your working environment and always keep your major needs and goals.

Ship Yard ERP

G) Testing - There are many stages and turns in the testing of an ERP product when delivering to a shipyard and as follows are a few of those important roll out points to focus on.

i) After implementation, testing is also important to look that the system is working fine or not.
ii) Is the software working fine or not, if not, why?
iii) Is the system fulfill the organization's requirements or not?
iv) Is there any need to change or modify?
v) Is the software working smooth or not? .

The conclusion is Enterprise Resource Planning should be perfect, documented before you implement so that it meets the organization requirements. It manages your business at the large scale. Organization should provide the service opportunities, should be cost efficient, there should be a proper communication between the manager and employees ,so that they can their 100% to their work, if you want to discuss your ERP requirements for your shipyard please contact ERP:FM for further information.
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