Enterprise Resource Planning Voice Commands
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Enterprise Resource Planning Voice Commands

Business can be tough, and that is an understatement, over the years of development of our ERP product we have seen a tremendous amount of changes that has moved the user from the desktop installation into the web browser, and with this there has been enormous advancements given the connectivity the web brings. As part of our product offering we are able to provide a voice activated fully online system that enables any full or restricted administrator access to voice commands.

In what is yet another World first, for an Enterprise Resource Planning software, we can present to you, our voice activated system, which works completely in your ERP installation on any computer you choose that has a capable browser.

Open applications with voice recognition in ERP FM

For context, first some background on our ERP system. With ERP FM we provide a completely intuitive tab system as shown in the screenshot, this means that you should never have to wait for pages to connect and reload as the entire software experience is in one flowing window that never needs to be reloaded enabling you to jump from tabs that are in one window so you can maximize your work space and opportunity without having to close and lose windows, keeping you forever focused.

With the system you can choose whether you would like to enable or disable the voice recognition component at any time, it can be turned off on and at a simple click as shown in the following image:

Enable or Disable Voice Activation on Your ERP System

As follows is the commands that are products can respond and interact with, our ERP system even can go as far as having multiple depths conditional conversations and carrying out each task as expected by voice command alone.


To open any existing lists or records you can start by saying 'Open' followed by any system such as Tasks, Applications, Contacts, Companies, Invoices, Asset Management, Account Manager and more, it really does interact with every feature of your system.

Open Task List
Open Task 83765
Open New Blank Task
Open Blank Task
Open Task Lists
Open Company Lists
Open Account Manager
View companies

The system is smart in the fact that it can recognize all permutations of each phrase.


The same holds true for these commands, all systems can be executed by a simple voice commands, an example of this is as follows '

Create new Task
Create new application
Open new Blank Task
New Invoice
New Task
New Contact
Open new Task


If you wish to close a current tab, or all of them, you have a ton of options

Close Tab
Close Current Tab
Close Window

With the following two commands, this introduces a conditional relationship, by saying '

Close All Tabs
Close All Windows

You will be presented with a window asking if you wish to 'Proceed' or 'Cancel', at which point you can simply say 'Proceed' or 'Cancel' and the system will carry out your wishes.


These commands take account of lists and tab systems, by saying '

Next Page
Previous Page

The system will carry out the instructions and perform a next or previous page slide.

Open applications with voice recognition


We have a wealth of options when it comes to our actual system, every system has abilities to Download as PDF, Send copies as e-mails, export to CSV along with having many interactive features for ordering, assigning and completing the relevant systems, the following commands are voice activated:

Download PDF
Send Email Copy
Send Copy to Email
Email Copy
View PDF
Export to CSV
Export to Excel


The system has tons of special features that can help you get places faster, such as if you say:

Log out
Refresh Page
Reload Browser
Refresh Browser

For our business map category we have a tracking feature that shows all points of a map where you can then give instructions such as 'Go to 122', with 122 being a vehicle ID, at which point it will track that vehicle on the map, additionally you can then say such things as 'Zoom In', 'Zoom Out', 'Go North', 'Go South' and so on.

voice commands

Each system will have a separate article on how you can use voice activation to your advantage, our New Task system for example is extremely easy to control by simply saying 'Select Category 3' and then saying 'Application 21', to which it will then launch the task for you.

Currently there is in excess of 1,200 voice commands available for our ERP product and potentially an unlimited amount of conversations can be carried out when you take into account how New Tasks, Fleet and Find functions all over the ability to run complex searches to locate your requirements. We will continue to update this article with voice commands and any new innovations that take place so that you have a one stop crib sheet of phrases and mixtures that you can perform with your system.
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