Enterprise Resource Planning in Waste Management
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Enterprise Resource Planning in Waste Management

Enterprise resource planning is the process used by most companies to aid them in the overall increase of productivity, improved control while reducing on costs.

The local government needs to plan on various aspects within the waste disposal program with some of the key elements in the planning process including:

- A good understanding of the various waste streams in the locality and being able to identify all the waste hauler.

- Understanding and establishing all the current waste generation sites which can be done by having good data measurement and management systems.

- Building able, educated, talented and trained teams to be assigned all tasks in effort to meet all the company's set short term and long term goals.

- Creating and generating strategic actions for any improvement that may arise or be deemed necessary while at the same time being able to integrate all the waste disposal and management policies that have been set.

Waste Management

Even with a good planning system there are many problems that may be faced by the local government with some of these problems including:

- Lack of information or quick access to crucial information that helps in proper business evaluation and fast goals achievement
- Lack of a proper financial plan
- Food record keeping
- Poor employee performance
- Increased costs
- Sluggish order fulfillment that basically leads to customers being unhappy and unsatisfied
- Poor decision making by both the management and the employees and even poor business planning.

The enterprise resource planning platform can be used to help solve all the above problems by the local government in their waste disposal process because of its numerous features. It can be used to easily allocate all the company's costs, easily make orders for all the company required materials, efficiently forecast demand for certain products in the markets as it keeps an excellent supply and demand chain data, and act as a good planning foundation for the business.

The Enterprise Resource Planning software is capable of sharing information and data to all the software systems in the business. It can also manage activities like order entries, accounts payable, human resource, purchases, bill of materials and inventory control, monitoring item usages, reconciling the inventory balances, providing replenishment techniques and options setting targets and reporting inventory status.

Enterprise Resource Planning in Waste Management

Keep an excellent employee database that helps in their performance review where it generally helps the company to solve the complex computer applications as it offers a single integrated system as it can accommodate a variety of data and information. With a good implemented enterprise resource planning software there can be very many benefits achieved by the company where some of these benefits include:

- Increased customer satisfaction as it is more efficient in creating customer opportunities and all together giving support to the customers which helps in the general business growth

- Reduces work for the staff by a huge percent which basically helps in reduced quality costs as all the systems are connected to one integrated system thus the company can do away with issues of duplicate data and information, the costs also include the inventory and all production costs.

- Helps in plant process waste management,

- Sample testing system and project management system.

It is also capable to provide accurate and well updated data across multiple functions. It also helps in easily helping to manage day to day activities within the company by reducing power, data storage and bandwidth. Through its power of information sharing it is easy to expand the business.

ERP Waste Management

- Offers improved employee performance and also helps in the company's crucial decision making processes as all the data will be of good quality and regularly updated.

- Helps in maximum utilization of all available resources and also helps the company save a lot of money and save most on its resources.

While it offers all these benefits to the company the enterprise resource planning software also has its own limitations which may include some software components which are very complicated and quite expensive where they mostly require well trained personnel to deal with it which may cost the company too much time and money,

Enterprise resource planning software changes so many company processes all at once which may be a huge set back, to run it requires a lot of managerial and technical support, but generally looking at it the software offers a huge benefit percent compared to its limitations and failure to implement it will leave the company in a long paper trail as its main purpose is to connect all the company's departments and to provide relevant, updated and accurate data and information at all times that it may be required.
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