ERP Data Capture and its value
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ERP Data Capture and its value

Data capture software has, in the past, been something of a niche area and was developed primarily by document scanning and management companies so that the client would send them the documents and capture what is on the page from there. However, although this continues to be a precious service that is easy on the pocket, it can still prove to be a pain for a lot of companies which have to continuously send off their documents to be captured which could take any length of time, depending on the company used.

Data Capture Software

However, data capture software for the somewhat more mainstream market is a relatively new invention because of the complexities of what software that effectively looks at an image and does it's best to read fields etc. comes with. However, there's now some software on the market of which PSI: Capture is amongst the best.

PSI: Capture, like some of the other data capture software out there, offers companies the ability to scan and capture documents, surveys, feedback forms and much more with the flexibility of a user-friendly piece of software.

You don't need me to tell you that this can save a considerable amount of time, but it can also save greatly in the expenses department, especially at a time where money isn't exactly flowing pretty much anywhere. Data capture software offers pretty much what a company that offers a data capture service does, but at your convenience within your offices. This usually means that you would no longer need to outsource your data capture and therefore save a lot of money, particularly if you're a company that does this on a regular basis.

ERP Data Capture

Capture software effectively offers a single platform for scanning in files and capturing them at the same time rather than having to use two pieces of software to do one job. This saves considerable time and also offers top quality results regarding accuracy which are akin to that you would expect from a professional service.

Some capture software, like the previously mentioned PSI: Capture, can also plug into popular document management systems and online systems such as Microsoft's SharePoint system. This makes for an even higher convenience in cutting out another time-consuming task.

Data capture can also be automated by specialist capture companies using their specially developed software to capture information on whatever part of the sheet that the data needs to be captured from. This is possible for most font types and general fonts from the last hundred years or so should be able to be captured with relative ease, however, handwriting is usually an issue for data capture software and will need to be entered by hand. This will more than likely cost more due to addition to time. However, this is an essential process if you need hand written data that has been filled in.

Data Capture System

But of course, the main pull of data capture software is the fact that you can scan and save all of your data that you've gathered, whether this is via surveys and questionnaires, employment forms, legal forms or medical forms, data capture software is made to make the dull experience of piecing together your gathered data that little bit more simple and considerably easier. Data capture software is already being used widely in hospitals and other medical practices, law firms and of course, data research companies. It has all manner of uses, some of which you might not even have thought of but through using the software you can finally cut out the middleman and the costs that come with that, and start to gather your data yourself quickly and easily.
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