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ERP for Higher Education

The game changing benefit of ERP's is the ability to generate real-time reports so you can make smarter decisions and cut down losses due to errors and delays, so here are the best ERP Modules to start with ...

Room Booking Software

You can save a lot of time easily booking rooms fast and easy for staff and students.

ERP Higher Education

What it does: You can assign a classroom, meeting room or function hall easily and effortlessly. You know exactly who is in a room at any time. You can easily find out how many rooms do you have available. You'll be able to avoid double booking and schedule conflicts.

Reports and information are available including head count and list of attendees. Plan assignments better by identifying the most used and unused rooms. Immediately have an alternate room suggested.

It will be extremely easy to find a free room and book one in a few clicks.

You can automatically send email reminders and notifications for events.

Stock Management

Enables you to properly monitor and easily find items, supplies and equipment and avoid the hassles of manually tracking each item.

Plan and Forecast so you never run out of supplies at critical moments because you now exactly how many items you have in your inventory and make adjustments to always have optimal stock levels. Never have to buy something at the last minute.

Save money by buying in bulk at strategic times of the year.


ERP University Software


Generating invoice to students and managing invoices from suppliers take a lot of time.

When you automate the system, excessive editing is eliminated and errors are reduced when invoices are automatically generated.

You can cut the time and accurately maintain an elevated level of cash flow.

Invoices can be reviewed or created on the fly.

Standard reports from Invoicing Report, Sales Analysis reports, un-posted Invoices and others keep you up-to-speed on anticipated cash receipts.


Payroll can generate a lot of stress. A missed deadline filing of taxes may result in fines or jail time.

Automation enables you to avoid errors with withholding taxes in each paycheck and make sure accurate amounts are paid to the correct government agency.

ERP Education Software

Instead of a manual process where a lot of time can be wasted attempting to calculate everything correctly you can have a system in place that will require very little input because after adding employee wage information and hours, the software calculates the information including withholding automatically. The software often automatically updates every time a tax law changes and will remind employers when to file various tax forms.

In the process you can eliminate some errors in payroll process and eliminate excessive effort that is involved in put calculating employee hours, wages and tax withholding.

Also, using payroll software enables the business to make a good reports at whatever pace you desire.

To start automating your processes these are the modules that we recommend that you consider.

We also recommend a using cloud based ERP because you will have no difficulty with downloads and access everything securely from the internet.

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