ERP For Neuroscience Departments
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ERP For Neuroscience Departments

Running a department, just like running and entire hospital is taxing. Like any other business enterprise, there are a few things that need to be streamlined in order to achieve a work environment that maximizes on profit while minimizing operational costs. In a world where legal suits are the order of the day, and patients are more aware of their rights, hospitals are required to work at a certain optimal service delivery that will keep lawyers at bay.

Neuroscience departments in hospitals deal with a myriad of conditions that are related to the physiological working of the nerves and the brain. They also deal with medical conditions related to imbalances in chemical transmitters in the brain with an example being epilepsy.

ERP Neuroscience

Once a patient has been referred to a neuroscience department by a general doctor, they need an appointment, lab tests, follow ups, some may need surgery and in case of something that can be corrected by drugs, a trip to the pharmacy.

All this services are supposed to be delivered in an efficient flow, without a leak of information or convey of the wrong information. The major difference between the working of hospitals and businesses is that losses are not financially measured in hospitals, but are measured in terms of human life.

Organizational Challenges In Neurosciences

· Finding a way to automatically save a patients records in the system for life

· The amount of information generated on a daily basis from different people may be a source of errors

· Finding a way to automate all the simple billings and appointments without need for labor outsourcing

· Creating a paperless schedule that books theaters and operations for patients

· Finding an efficient way of keeping up with patient drug compliance and follow ups

· Blood bank regulations and donations

· Finding a reliable way of billing that will not be based on debts.

ERP For Neuroscience Departments

Why ERP is the perfect solution for Neuroscience Departments

ERP software is developed purely to manage businesses processes and integrate all the hospital applications into a seamless continuum. There are many of such software’s found in the market but most managements are skeptical on why a neuroscience department would need one.

1. Neuroscience investigations involve also of lab work, neurochemistry in particular and the testing of neurotransmitter imbalances will require a lot of blood and cerebrospinal fluid collection, if there is no efficient way to record these, patients will be diagnosed with wrong ailments and receive medications that do not belong to them

2. There has been a notable increase in the number of individuals suffering from neurological problems and with newer conditions such as neuron-oncology and neuro-pathology, it only makes sense for a department to have a system that schedules appointments and surgeries without mix-ups.

3. Neurologic analysis and neuropathology findings are useful evidences in court, their legal relevance is one of the major reasons hospitals need to find a fool-proof way of data recording and storage.

4. Neurological problems may not heal with one round of treatment and it is therefore important to have a system that will follow up a patient through their healing process.


Features an ideal ERP for your neuroscience department

1. The first and most important feature is that whatever form of ERP you choose should be able to have a centralized back-up option.

2. It should have a single view towards patient approach from walk in through the billing process till the moment of discharge

3. Improved visibility and transparency. Everything that is keyed in about a particular patient from the reception to the doctors diagnosis should be visible and without malicious tampering

4. Improved quality. The whole goal of getting a software to help in management is so that all the services and processes once flawed should be better provided.

5. Easy access. There is no point in getting an ERP that takes hours to pull up simple test results.


· Better patient care is the ultimate goal. With a system that does not have low moments and a quick system, your patients can be treated on time and avoid the long queues. Appointment mix-ups can also be reduced so that patients are assured of quality and fast service.

· Reduced operational costs

If all your supplies are ordered and paid for in time, you can be assured of improved inventory management without delays and extra money charged on undelivered goods.
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