ERP for Public Limited Companies
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ERP for Public Limited Companies

Enterprise Resource Planning is often referred as the process of managing the entire business operations of the company. It is actually integrated software that is designed and developed for the sole of purpose of business management. It is a platform which can be used as a tool for any business to prosper. This Enterprise Resource Planning integrated software is mostly used for core business operations like materials management, shipment management, packaging, product planning, sales planning, inventory management, marketing and distribution.

To foresee the business prospects, the ERP business software facilitates a database management system (DBS) that run through the cash flows, raw materials, payroll, purchase orders and other accounting activities of a business. Now, let us go through the facts to understand how the ERP for public limited companies could be used as an profitable resource.

ERP for Public Limited Companies

How does ERP suits in the Public Limited Companies

ERP software systems can and could be used a resource for maintaining customer relationship management, business intelligence, building e-commerce platforms and supply chain management strategies. However, it entirely depends as to how the public limited companies make use of this integrated business software. Planning and correct implementation of the resources is required for the management to identify the business drawbacks and prospects. The key to implement the ERP for public limited companies is also the business performance indicators.

Analyzing these key indicators would lower down the financial risks and risk management practices of a business. In fact, all the factors that influence a business are managed by the enterprise resource planning software all alone. The system acts real time and provides accurate results in managing the business transactions. Whether it is about cash management, staffing solutions, human resource management (HRM), supply chain management, manufacturing of raw materials or production of finished products, the ERP for public limited company fits itself as a revenue generator for a business.

GRP acting as ERP for Public Limited Companies

GRP in others words can be described as Government Resource Planning. It is a different term for ERP system that similarly manages all the large scale and small scale public industries. It also features the entire software structure of enterprise resource planning to produce, manage, operate, distribute, designate and develop the contents of a public limited company. It is often observed that few of the ERP vendors jump have agreed tie ups with the public limited companies for its implementation and support. It remains strictly confidential but the platform generates best results for any given firm.

Public Limited Companies

To achieve highest possible profit through the ERP software, the public entity firms recruit their best talent to make the project a remarkable success. This kind of platform is mostly preferred by the public liabilities to identify business strategies for future growth prospects. Nevertheless, the optimal usage of ERP software system could be gained only when the project is implemented by the business itself. Unless the business takes a step forward towards with its active resources, even the best ERP practices cannot be processed. This is why even GRP that acts as ERP for public limited company needs ERP professionals to get the job done.

The 2-Tier ERP System for a Public Corporation

Back in 1990 when the ERP system was established and utilized by multinational companies, no body every thought that it could bring a 2 way support system for corporations. Now then, you must be wondering what the 2 way support system is. The 2 Tier ERP systems is an emerging concept that not only helps the main company but its subsidiaries, divisions or branches. Today, most of us can observe the reality of managing a business. It could be a nightmare for an entrepreneur.

Relatively, globalization has reached its peak and it definitely brings out the best out of the ERP based company. Hence, the ERP platform could help a business in two ways. It could have a subsidiary with the entire set of ERP system and the main division of a company with its international ERP business support system (BSS). However, there has to be well qualified people handling the ERP process domestically and internationally. Only then, the support system could produce guaranteed customer satisfaction and monetary results. Mixing both the ERP processes together could prove to be risky and a reason for loss to a public limited company.

The Profit of Extending Features of ERP System

This generation is mostly hyped for its invention of technology and its use. With great technology, you also have the positive and negative effects. In consideration to the fact that if your ERP system is tiring you up with the same old features, you can upgrade the ERP system features to ERP II. The ERP II or the extended ERP platform could bring additional value to your business support system in dealing with financial control, reporting & analysis, manufacturing and etc... Furthermore, you can add all possible extensions such as 3rd party software systems that include RFIDs, Scanners and APS.

ERP for a PLC

The ERP for public limited companies has been a great revolution in managing the business support systems. Majorly speaking, it has also assisted these public entities to bringing value through its decision making assistance in product coding, cost setting, consumer collaboration, improving data security, setting up business policies and product planning. The software can be easily set up in the public companies on multiple platforms.

With platforms like Java, PHP, MySQL, Perl and Postgre SQL, the aim is to fix business solutions with the ERP for public limited companies with immense power. Similarly, to customize your ERP project, a lot of ERP vendors are available in the market. For any public limited company, vendors like ERP FM support ERP projects with their software and vendor management services.

Hence, it brings us to a clear conclusion and relatively a known fact than 70% of the public limited companies are involved today with the use of enterprise resource planning software. Undoubtedly, the ERP integration software deserves an applaud for its outstanding technological business assistance. It serves as a revolutionary product not only for the public limited companies but to every single industry in the world.
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