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ERP for Rugby Clubs

Enterprise Resource Planning is used in virtually every industry, from the manufacturing sector to the telecommunications sector. It is a software that allows an organization to integrate every of its department in order to manage the business better through a central unit. Being a software that fuses human resources, technology, and the services of an organization, it can also help improve how Rugby Clubs are run.

Rugby goes beyond a game that is played in 80 minutes. There is the need to manage the day to day activities of running a Rugby Club. This is where ERP for Rugby Clubs comes into play. Rugby Clubs have facilities to manage, payrolls to handle, among many other things. ERP plays a big part in the Rugby industry in the following ways:

ERP for Rugby Club


There are many things to take care of in a rugby club. Without proper organization it will be an impossible task. This is where ERP for Rugby Clubs comes into play. Week in week out during a regular season, rugby clubs travel from one match venue to another to play rugby matches. With the help of ERP for Rugby Clubs, the travel arrangements can be made for the team as well as the hotel where the team will lodge before and after the match.

There is also the issue of taking care of the rugby pitch. The best time to water the pitch and plant new synthetic grass are all stored on the software. It makes it easy for the management of a rugby club to coordinate the seamless running of the club.


Everything from when the staff of the rugby club arrives at work to the payment of their wages or salaries are all stored in the central database of ERP for Rugby Clubs. The important role this plays cannot be overstated. There will be no reason to skip paying the staff of the rugby club because of the help of ERP. This frees the management of the Rugby Club to bother itself with more important decisions that affect the club. The staff on their own part get to work with more commitment knowing that their welfare is well taken care of.

Enterprise Resource Planning for Rugby Clubs


With ERP for Rugby Clubs, the management of a rugby club stays in touch with its fans who are the bedrock of the club. They are the ones who buy the official jerseys of the club among other things. Without their being present on match days, the rugby team will find no incentive running onto the rugby pitch. With the online presence of the club, fans of the club can register with the club.

Our ERP software now helps the management of the club to have an organized list of all registered fans of the club. Knowing that by registering with the club they love, they will enjoy certain benefits like getting match tickets at a discounted price, the fans of a club will feel more attached to the rugby club. By storing the information of registered fans on its central database, ERP for Rugby Clubs help the Rugby Club's management to have a strong service delivery.


With the help of ERP for Rugby Clubs, the operations of a rugby club are run seamlessly. There is no reason for the players of the rugby club to miss their flight. The team bus will always be on time as every detail has been sorted out well in advance. This is one of the many benefits a rugby club gets for making use of ERP.

Rugby ERP


Every organization is run for a profit and a rugby club is no exception. Without ERP for Rugby Clubs, there would have been a reason for lots of papers to move around from one department to another. However, by having every information stored on the database, the department that needs to provide the team jersey for the team will simply check the system to know what color of the team jersey to make ready because the logistics department has keyed in the information based on their knowledge of who the clubs opponent will be. This reduction of paperwork required as well as a delivery person to take it from one department to another result in the rugby club saving some money. This savings is recorded as profit for the rugby club.

These are some of the many ways that ERP for Rugby Clubs has helped the management of this industry to run a seamless organization. Management of rugby clubs are poised to take advantage of all the benefits enterprise resource planning can offer them.
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