ERP hardware and infrastructure
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ERP hardware and infrastructure

Traditionally, high performing hardware in an ERP system would be things like Intel processors, large amounts of ram, large servers, and of course, the workstation in which all these things would be organized. Making sure that gigabits were used, and storage sizing was all important.

Considering which types of cumbersome cables, and all those other dinosaur technologies that in then end are not only taking up space, but costly to maintain, both through updating the hardware, as well as requiring staff to manage and handle the operations; all so the system will not fail the workers that use it. Enterprise resource planning has to account for all those additional costs in the process, including it somewhere into their financial plans and bottom line. There seemed to be no solution to this problem, as it always seemed to be a necessity for a business to maintain.

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For years the IT industry has been reaping and profiting off of it, and in the end, what is really going on in that IT department. If the server is running smoothly (for the moment) probably nothing at all. That is a huge expense for any business or organization to maintain; if it could even be considered as such. Technology however, has evolved a much better and more cost effective solution; it's called the cloud.

The cloud allows for all the capabilities that all these high end servers used to do, and more, except that there is no high costs, maintenance or even workers required to do it. It effectively handles large amounts of data, software, and anything else an ERP system can throw at it. The desktop is no longer needed, as all the work can be done while on the go, and remotely if needed. It completely eliminates the need for an expensive IT department. The cloud has security in place as well, so no information can be mismanaged or stolen in any way.

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There is no longer a need to hire external people either to maintain the hardware. Because with the cloud, no hardware is required in that sense. It takes a complex task and makes it simple. There is no need for a company doing this to reinvent the wheel either. It is, simply put, the best idea for handling ERP systems out there. Any company who is searching for IT staff internally no longer has to concern themselves with such matters. The cloud does it all, and does it effectively.

With costs of business always being the number one priority, it's easy to see why the cloud is surely preferable to Any type of specialized hardware that an outsourced (or internal) IT department would have to maintain. It just is much more cost effective to take the ERP system, and place it on the cloud. This is why technology evolves.

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To remove any added costs that are weighing a company down, and for no good reason. Its just practical business sense. Think of all those hours, time and money wasted on a traditional server for an ERP system. Now, no longer required. It's changing the face of business, both big and small. A large business saves massive amounts of money; and a small business can consider options that they never thought was possible before. The cloud is the future for all ERP platforms. There is no other solution when one considers it in this way.

With the need for an IT department no longer required, more important matters in the business may now be addressed. It is changing the face of business and the entire planet for the potentials that the cloud can offer. All these systems in real time, being able to take on the go as well. It is a fresh new look at the way businesses should operate.

As technology evolves and changes further, one can only speculate what other great technology will come for ERP, that will help in a similar capacity, ultimately saving money for not only the company, but also the consumer. These are the reasons why the cloud is such an integral part of business now.
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