ERP Improves Traffic Data Monitoring
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ERP Improves Traffic Data Monitoring

There is no doubt that enterprise resource planning plays a very useful role in traffic data monitoring. A study by Garner revealed that by the year 2020, about a quarter of a billion vehicles on the road will be connected. This can only be possible through automation, and that is where enterprise resource planning software comes into play.

ERP Improves Traffic Data Monitoring

Enterprise resource planning will play a lot of role in traffic data monitoring in these ways:

- ANALYSIS: A lot of data will be generated in the process of monitoring traffic. With the help of ERP, the data collected will be properly analyzed. Without the aid of ERP, it will be difficult to analyze the data which is random in nature. The data when analyzed will be presented as information that will help to explain behavioral patterns.

- REAL TIME TRAFFIC UPDATES: In an age of fast paced cars and lots of traffic, the role of ERP is crucial in giving traffic updates in real time. This is necessary because a quick analysis of the speed of a vehicle, its fuel level, the latitude and longitude of the vehicle, among other things, helps to provide the information needed to navigate traffic. This real time information processed is displayed on the dashboard of the vehicle. This information is now used to analyze as well as monitor the traffic on a particular route.

Traffic Data Monitoring

- SECURITY: With proper analysis of data, it is possible to actually predict what may happen. This plays a key role in improving security on the road. An instance is the 2016 November attacks in Paris. With the help of ERP, data collected was successfully used to track the movement of those who perpetrated the attack. With the data analysed, it aided the use of human intervention to uncover the necessary evidence that helped in the investigation. With proper use, terrorism can be countered which is an improvement in the security of the state.

- EXCHANGE OF DATA: ERP has aided traffic data monitoring by making it possible for data to be easily exchanged. The software is a big plus as data can be exchanged and shared over the network. With the ease with which data is exchanged, the traffic situation can be made use of by different people. This way, it provides the much-needed information that is required to aid traffic.

Traffic Monitoring

- REDUCTION IN ACCIDENTS: Properly managed with ERP, there will be a reduction in the rate of road accidents. This is a welcome development as road accidents have resulted in the lives of many. Safety on the roads as a result of ERP helping in traffic data monitoring will help to keep many people alive who may have lost their lives without this software being in place.

The advantages presented by ERP in traffic data monitoring are numerous. Considering the fact that lives will be saved as a result of ERP analyzing the data it collects and the security of the state improved, the benefits of ERP make it a big help. The traffic industry will form a positive synergy with ERP to benefit more.
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