ERP Mobile Screenshots
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ERP Mobile Screenshots

With our Enterprise Resource Planning product, we have focused a tremendous amount of attention on making sure that our mobile product is industry leading by taking advantage of all the latest technologies available, from Offline cache options, push notifications all the way up to NFC capabilities.

Our system enables you to quickly and easily create task applications that can then be coupled with application data analysis to give you key statistics that will allow you to understand your business like you never have before.

Enterprise Resource Planning Active Tasks Screenshot

Mobile Tasks for ERP

Mobile is an essential tool for your field workers as well as your office staff to communicate, our ERP systems take the bite out of long and tedious tasks and condenses all work into small easy to understand applications within your ERP installation.

ERP Application Question Sheets

As you can see from the ERP mobile screenshots, you have a wealth of options available that will create an everlasting synergy between your office operations and your employees out working in the field.

Not only does our ERP mobile application allow you an keen insight into what your mobile staff are up to but it provides key information such as a user?s location and what their current task status sits at, making sure their feedback corresponds with real life gather statistics meaning you will never be outside of understanding what is happening with your business.

ERP Application Selection

ERP User Features for Mobile

ERP Mobile Home Screen

ERP Mobile Application

ERP FM concentrates its mobile activates on making it easy for your employees to be responsive with minimal effort, by exposing them to the key data so that they can carry out their tasked duties in your business.

Taking your ERP system offline and still having it function

In what is a world first for an Enterprise Resource Planning cloud software company, we have taken advantage of the offline capabilities of your web browser to bring you essential offline features so your employees can still access all of that vital data they require to do their job even when they are without an Internet connection.

Settings For ERP

The options and scope with our ERP system are limitless both on mobile and desktop, in addition to everything you see here we can customize your Enterprise Resource Planning installation to the highest level.

ERP Offline Mode

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