ERP Pharmacy Management System Features
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ERP Pharmacy Management System Features

ERP Pharmacy Management system is an application designed to ease the work of a pharmacy. It was developed to revolutionize how stores are managed and to integrate aspects of pharmaceutical operations.

ERP helps in the quick retrieval and easy management of data. It tracks records and simplifies the stocking process, from initial ordering through notification when products are reaching their expiration. The system automates otherwise tedious processes related to sales, purchasing, and billing. Keeping records in one place streamlines employee workflow and enables more customers to be assisted. Furthermore, it assures the complete security of data, so that employees and customers alike feel safeguarded.

Management system features


- Automated activity
- Faster compared to the existing system
- Maintains proper flow of control and relationships
- Complete security
- Addition, Deletion, Modification and View can be made easily
- Price Lists
- Suppliers-wise payments History
- Orders analysis
- Product Features
- Medicine Purchase Request & Order
- Drug issues to Patients and Billing
- Supplier & Manufacturer Information
- Maintenance of Medicine Stock
- Automatic Reorder Level/Minimum Stock Setting
- Alerts & Return of items nearing Expiry
- Destruction of Expired Medicines
- Smooth Work Flow
- Centralized view of Data
- Ability to improve store productivity
- Maintain records of all activities like purchase, sales, stock flow
- Ability to extend services like online medicine purchase
- It shows the report of all transactions for particular period
- Complete Security of Data

Pharmacy Management

ERP software is customizable to suit the needs of any pharmacy. It has a wide range of capabilities and modules, making it the complete package for all types of pharmaceutical stores. The software creates reports to assist in pharmacy management, helping to create a clear picture of current status, past growth, and future trajectory.

ERP Report Highlights:

- Stock & Sales Statement (with Requirement)
- Sales Report (Daily, Weekly, Fortnight, Monthly, Quarterly, Annually)
- Stock Report with Minimum Stock Report & Expiring Medicines
- Batch-wise Closing Stock
- To be Expiry Reports
- Purchase Report
- Sales Return & Purchase Return Report
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