ERP and Private Jet Charters
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ERP and Private Jet Charters

Enterprise Resource Planning is a process through which we can combine the important functions of a company such as Accounting, HR, Customer relationship management, Inventory and order management. One may wonder how ERP does that? Its main advantage is that it has shared database that can be used by multiple functions across a company.

The main purpose of ERP is to eliminate human error as much as possible and to automate the important process across different function in a company. ERP is increasingly used in most industries. In this article we are going to discuss its prominence in Private jet Charters. Private jet charters industry is one of the most lucrative industry in the world.

Private Jet Charter ERP

Most of the celebrities, elite business people will take a private jet for their long distance travelling. Private jet industry is all about providing best in class service for their customers based on their needs. Most private jet companies offer two types of services namely

1. Aircraft's - For sports tournaments, movie shoots,corporate travel

2. Helicopters - Its apt for congested areas where aircraft cant take off or land, not suitable for group travel

Since private jet charters costs very high than normal air cost, it is imperative that the companies have to provide good platform for their customers. Customers would also want an easier way to book ticket at anytime or any place for their trips and they would expect a user friendly process right from looking for availability till they reach the destination.

A small mishap in showing the availability may prove very costly for the private jet charters fortune as well as its Brand Image since they are mostly dealing with people from high income class. So undoubtedly private jet industry need ERP to channelize the important functions across a company. First of all, we need to know how private jet charters their fly list. Private jet charters their fly list based on the itinerary of the customer, his date and place of arrival and many more information.

For example, customer books a flight dated 19th May for a corporate meeting along with his CEO and CFO. On 17th May he comes to know that the meeting is cancelled so he cancels the flight ticket. Now within a short span of time how can we address the all the department of the private jet charters to alter arrange for the drawback that has been set my this cancellation. This is one such situation where ERP comes into play. If there is no ERP, the cancellation wont happen on a shared database. It will be raised in front office and they would cancel the tickets and triggered the refund.

Jet Charter ERP

Once the customer cancel the ticket they have to contact the manager to change the availability in private jet charter for the particular date as soon as possible. Then they have to contact manually to the finance department to start the process for refund. And they have to raise the issue stating that why the particular customer cancelled the booking. And then again they have to inform sales manager about the cancellation and make sure that they could find a customer by the time flight takes off. And they have to change the private jet charters based on the new customer and their itinerary.

The front office have to contact all these variable function in private jet charters industries with very less time available. Not to mention there can be a possibility of human error in communicating across different domains. In this competitive industry private jet charters cannot afford to lose their precious time on manual labor.

Private Jet Charter

Let's discuss the same scenario with ERP in place, if the customer cancels the ticket then the ERP sends out the message for the front office about the cancellation. And simultaneously a notification will be sent to finance team to trigger the refund and on the mean time sales team will informed about the cancellation and ERP changes the availability of the date.

ERP changes the private jet charters automatically and it reduces all the manual labor as well as eliminates the possibility of human error. Private jet charters is one of the industries where they must have ERP for their business activities which provides easier access for their employees. Private jet charters mostly deals with high end customers who value time more than anything. So it is advisable for them to integrate their business activities with ERP.
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