ERP System for the Service Industry
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ERP System for the Service Industry

Are you a business owner or organisation looking to gain visibility on your day to day activity costs, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software will improve your business intellect and give you the freedom and power to make important decisions which are cost effective and sustainable for your business.

For an organisation that offers made to order and knowledgeable services to their clients, you need a solution that is malleable and customised to meet all your business needs on a daily basis. An ERP system is the way to go as it will stream line your organisation's operations in project management, tracking of supplies, allocation of resources, communication with customers and handling your vendors. Read on to get a better insight as to how ERP can provide solutions to improve your business management.

ERP Service Industry

Cost Management

An ERP system can provide the necessary tools required by your organisation. Instead of relying on a combination of different software and not utilising them fully resulting in financial strain, an ERP system is your best chance. It can also reduce the costs accompanied by using systems that require superfluous data entry resulting in tons of data. An ERP system will lower the administrative data burden by automatically transferring data from one department to the next hence reducing manual errors and maintaining a consistent data flow.

Improved Customer Relation and Engagement

With the help of an ERP system, your business can improve the customer service experience as it allows for faster more accurate retrieval of customer information and history. In the case of a project by project basis, an ERP system comes in handy to connect all the projects in different localities hence improving visibility and communication between everyone in the organisations chain. (Employees, Customers, Vendors). This makes for easy collaboration and even enhances efficient service delivery and increased productivity.

After having a glance at how the ERP system can add value to your business, let?s take a deeper look and check out how some of its modules can improve your business management.

Service Industry Software

Vehicle Tracking

If your organisation is a major distributor with a fleet of vehicles, you can rest easy with an ERP system as it provides a flexible and efficient fleet management system for their tracking. Forget the headaches accompanied by improper use of company cars. ERP aims at increasing the availability and resourceful use of company cars hence maximising productivity. Moreover, you will also be able to track fuel consumption and accidents.

Stock Management

It is imperative for all businesses whether a manufacturer or retailer to manage their stock in order to control their costs and ensure smooth operation of your business. With an ERP system you will be updated on the current stock levels and values. Basically, you have an affordable and effective supply chain management solution. Some of the features in the ERP inventory management include; Multi-warehousing, Unlimited Bin and Batch support, Serial number tracking, Bar code Picking, Bar code stock take, Integrated POS among many others.

ERP Business Software

Finance/Data Capture

In the past data capture has been a time consuming process as it involved document scanning and sending to management companies to capture what is on the page for them. For those who used tom offer this service, it was an okay for the pocket but for the ones requiring the service, it proved painful. ERP is here with a solution for your financial data capture needs which is faster and more pocket friendly since you would no longer need to outsource your data capture.
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