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ERP Systems Built for Governments

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) services provide a tremendous benefit to local UK councils, and is the preferred solution for automating business functions. Enterprise Resource Planning is a set of business management applications that come together to automate many of the back-office procedures for an organisation. The software allows many tasks in human resources, IT, and management to be done automatically.

ERP system built for government

ERP is a full solution for all parts of the UK government. This article will discuss the benefits and features of using ERP for public services. If an ERP roll-out is not done successfully, it may cost the council in time and money. For example, one function of the ERP system generates receipts for vendors. If this software is not loaded properly, then many receipts may be lost. Recovering from that can cost thousands of dollars and a lot of headache.

ERP Council System

Once the ERP software and processes are efficient and smooth, savings will be noticeable. It will cut taxpayer bills, enhance civil servants potential, serve your citizens, and will use data more securely. Finally, this article will discuss the features the UK councils need to look for when choosing the right Enterprise Resource Planning solution to prevent and mitigate financial losses from implementing ERP.

ERP System Implementation

When an ERP solution is successfully implemented, that council will notice that the cost of ownership for this software is much lower than using other methods. This is going to save taxpayers money. Data is stored and hosted, and upgrades are mandatory. This essentially pays for itself when less man power is required. In the future, these systems will only grow more sophisticated and yield a higher return on investment for citizens.

When civil servants are able to do their jobs with more reliable and more accurate data, they are able to make better decisions. This will help the councils thrive and change to meet the demands of the people. ERP will also provide self-serve solutions. This will enhance job satisfaction for civil servants and make them more autonomous. The civil servants will also be able to be more productive. This creates more value in the jobs that they have.

ERP Government System

Your citizens will be served with greater speed and accuracy. The ERP system collects accurate data in a timely fashion, when the information is most beneficial. With the strong analytic tools, the information is better understood. This means that the councils can make swifter changes to better serve the citizens as they adapt and evolve.

The data that your council collects will also be stored more securely. Your council can choose whether or not they want the data stored privately, publicly, or if they want it hosted locally. These options make the data easily accessible, or more protected.

ERP's can be implemented in ways that are not cost effective. Too much customisation can create a money pit scenario. They also may be implemented poorly, causing mishaps like the case of the missing receipts. It may take too long to roll out, creating a financial burden for the council. Perhaps even worse if having an ERP that is not fully utilised.

ERP System Cost

A council can cause a lot of damage by purchasing a costly ERP solution, and then not using it because they do not have the training required to access all of the features. It would be like having an expensive coffee machine that also does espressos and lattes, but using it like a regular coffee pot. It would have been cheaper just to buy the coffee pot. When a local council is implementing their ERP, it is important to seek the training and help required to get it fully functional.

The reasons a council will use ERP everyday is in its ability to create almost perfect financial reporting records and accounting management. The numbers are taken out of the system and used to generate reports, so that no particular person is responsible for doing this. It removes the human error and creates an almost aseptic environment for financial reporting.

UK Government Software

ERP also have powerful CRM (Customer Relation Management) software, creating a better customer experience. The system pulls up customer history so that the customer service representative can accurately answer questions in a timely fashion. Another great feature about the ERP is that it can also provide value in your human resources department. This software can track a civil servant's time, perform assessments, and do scheduling activities for the council. The beauty of the system is that it totally automates business functions so that people can then analyse the results to make better business decisions.

ERP Features

So what features should a council look for in their ERP solution? To get the maximum return on investment, a council should look for a widely used ERP. If a council can get advice and direction from other governments on the best ERP to use, how to use it, and why, they will recover their financial investment quicker. Also, seek a ERP solution that is user friendly. If civil servants enjoy using the system and learning about it, they are much more likely to become experts at using them.

They will also be able to understand many of the nuances of the systems, making them perform at higher levels. When looking for a great ERP to use, look for one that caps their annual support fees. Some companies offer a whole host of support and service with the software after the sale without charging extra per incident. Some companies even go as far as offering updates, upgrades, and resources like training at no additional cost.

The benefits and features of ERP are too great not to use. Do not stand by while other councils become more capable of serving their citizens. Your council needs ERP to manage day-to-day activities more efficiently. When ERP is implemented and running smoothly, the cost of ownership is low.

Your citizens are better served. Civil servants attain higher levels of job satisfaction, and data is stored more securely. ERP is the way of the future. Many councils already use this software and can be tremendous resources for councils just beginning this technological journey into the future.
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