ERP Training and the benefits with ERP FM
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ERP Training and the benefits with ERP FM

ERP Training provides your company an added edge in understanding why Enterprise Resource Planning is important and what impact it can have on your business if set up right for your business. With all our ERP FM installations we offer up the ability for any company to take on a fully populated demo system so that you can find your feet and test your internal staff and suppliers in everything ERP.

With our ERP Training module we will present every customer with the option to use the system with preset data and events so that they can test out their staff on knowing how to best interact with our ERP system without putting their business at risk.

ERP training tasks

We provide ERP Training absolutely free and believe that anybody can get to grips with it within 30 minutes of just browsing about and following our training pathways.

Our approach at ERP FM is that no company should have to pay a premium to learn essential software that they are already paying considerable sums of money for. In house we have the option to provide you with trained professionals but we really see no need when you can set up your own training course for your ERP system on dummy data, where any negative decisions won't affect your bottom line and the perception of your business to your customers and suppliers.

Within our Enterprise Resource Planning training you will be able to experience our ERP software like no other, giving you the ability to create tasks, applications, contacts, companies, service lines, facilities management functions, human resources, sales, purchases and point-of-sale terminals while enjoying all of the dashboard and graphical data feedback points ...

Enterprise resource planning training

... and all these systems are delivered pre-populated with thousands of contacts and hundreds of customer and supplier profiles to give you the real experience of a fully functioning ERP system inside a bluechip company.

Our question is always, why put your real-time business at risk when you don't have to? Feel free to inquire further about our totally free Enterprise Resource Planning Training so you can save on the cost of paying out for ERP Professionals and Enterprise Resource Planning experts who only seek to serve their own ends.
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