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Much has changed with ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning systems over the years. It used to be that there was one central area of power that took complete control over the industry. That was better known as SAP or Systems, Applications, and Products in data processing. SAP was originally developed in 1973.

It still has a great stranglehold over the industry sitting at 20.79 billion as of 2015; however, ERP systems in it's generic term are into themselves a multi-billion dollar industry, and that includes many other types of options which have come to the surface since the early 1990s.

ERP vs SAP software erp fm

In addition, because of a great deal of corporate restructuring that SAP has had to contend with over several years, it has significantly hindered it's overall performance to other ERP systems. There are also very high costs as well associated with SAP that on a whole, are not necessary anymore for ERP systems.

If one dissects SAP even further, The moonshot applications that have been promised to customers to improve their outdated systems have still yet to come to the surface. Leaving users of these applications to wait for updates and improvements. People who utilize ERP systems do not have the time to sit and wait.

This is why clients are gearing more towards other options, away from SAP, and towards the future. Also, much of the updates that SAP is proposing to take place are nothing but mirrors of other ERP systems that originated better more efficient systems for companies in the first place. SAP is also not user friendly in any capacity.

ERP vs SAP system erp fm

All the systems which appear to be available are difficult to understand, ultimately adding additional cost to any company who has to contend with, or attempt to use it. Conversion to another ERP system is the only solution to this problem because of SAPs repeated failures at not being able to complete the task of updating and making their systems easier to use.

When looking at SAP in this manner, it is not hard to see what is really going on here. SAP is only still in business at all because they have taken complete advantage over the industry itself. SAP is under the assumption that, because they are the originators, they somehow can harness all other unique ERP systems, and exploit them.

SAP is in for a wake up call for ERP technology. Unfortunate companies who are dealing with SAP systems however, are more and more beginning to see the light. Clients of SAP are beginning to realize the actual potentials that ERP actually has that SAP has not even begun to scratch the surface of. ERP systems of today fit what consumers of the technology are actually looking for.

These clients want an up to date and usable system that they cannot only take with them, but also be able to utilize without having to be highly specialized to do it. SAP systems are old and convoluted, and they just are not up to the challenge of today's technology.

ERP vs SAP software cafm

Their last acquisition was 2 years ago; that's a long time to wait for updates and changes of any kind, for that matter.
When looking at SAP, and what it stands for, anyone can see why clients are steering away from it, and toward better more efficient ERP alternatives. With an industry full of potential and possibilities regarding ERP, SAP is fading into the background.

As it should; and there should be no question as to why when one grazes at the actual options and potentials that are out there for ERP that SAP just simply does not utilize or even entertain the idea of having. Looking at the big picture as well, if a client considers all the better options there are out there, and for a much lower cost than SAP, it will not take long before major changes will initiate; ultimately taking SAP right out of the picture completely.

Change is on the rise. ERP systems are paving much better paths than SAP, and better more innovative solutions are coming with each passing day. Technology is not a place to stumble and fall behind. SAP is doing just that, while much better, cost effective solutions for ERP are coming to the surface.
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