Event Management Services and ERP
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Event Management Services and ERP

The weighty function of ERP software is to provide integrated solution for business functions such as Sales and Distribution, Finance and Accounts, Inventory and Warehouse and production for the various stakeholders of the organization. Organizations puts in place selective ERP modules that are theoretically and thriftily viable. ERP provides similar functionality to the users of the system, but the data is equally cohesive and pooled across all the users of the ERP modules.

Eventually, this all means that the data in the system has to be added only once, and it is made available to particular and related users of the organization. There is no data redundancy or duplication of work. The investors of the organization are not restricted to only the internal users, investors includes the vendors, customers, employees and even business partners. ERP system provides access to all investors of the organization (Internal and External) depending on their roles allocated.

Event Management Services ERP

ERP Software dealers such as ERP FM offer modules that provide the major functional area of the business, equally, Accounts and Finance,Sales Order Processing, Register and Material Design, Human Resource and Procurement and many more. However, indigenous product like e-resource also provides additional contained modules like Excise and Taxation as per the country taxation rules.

ERP software presents the best practices which if executed effectively can help grow working excellence. The functions within the ERP modules should be used effectually . For instance, the purchase order management module in includes Material Demand, Contract Management, Rate Fastening with vendors, Vendor Management. These modules provides access to appraised and approved vendor and complete Procurement functions. Acquiring is a very important component of material management element.

The Acquiring element supports all phases of material management, material planning and control, purchasing, goods receiving, inventory management and invoice verification. The purchase element communicates with other elements to make sure a persistent flow of information. Although the vendor claims are usually true, some business instructions may conflict with the organization plan. No matter how good the functions in the ERP elements are, clients typically demands customization to fit to their precise business needs. Careful evaluation of ERP system is therefore essential when selecting ERP vendors to avoid dissatisfaction later.

Event Management Services

ERP Elements for dissimilar type of Industries are different. Following is the brief outline of some of the ERP element for different type of Industries.

1.Discreet Manufacturing ERP Module;

Sales and Distribution Management

Purchase Organization

Manufacturing, Planning & Control

Total Quality Organiation

Inventory Organization

Plant Upkeep

Excise Organization

Human Resource Management

Finance Resource Organization

Enterprise Resource Planning Mobile

2.Fleet Organization ERP Element View;

Operation Organization

Fueling Organization

Branch Accounting

Publicizing Management

RTO Organization

Insurance Organization

Freight Note Organiation

Driver Organization

Tyre Inventory Organization

Purchase Order Processing

Inventory Organization

Human Resource Management

Accounts and Finance Management

Event Management Services ERP

3.Process Industry ERP element View;

Medical Representative element

Sales & Distribution M'ment

Group Process Record

Authentication Protocol - SOP

Total Quality Organization

Formulation Organization

Plant Upkeep

Inventory & Material M'ment

Purchase Organization

Accounts & Finance M'ment

Excise Organization

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4.Infrastructure Or Project Industry Elements View;

Project Design, Organization and Control

Onsite Engineers Organization

Quality Control and Quality Guarantee

Warehouse Organization

Procurement Organization

Financial Organization.

Sales and Customer Management.Organizing an event is a hard job to come by. Ask any event planner, and s/he will tell the tales of hardship. However, in the hi-tech world that we are living, the story seems to be totally different. Today, there are online event planning and management software to do the job. The event management services have been refined ever since the online conference planning software arrived on scene. The software is powered by several smart features to make the job of event planning company easy. Here are few important features that the event planning and management software would offer to you:

a. The software supports mobile marketing. This is an unconventional marketing technique and is very effective to reach out to attendees. Notifications about the events can be sent easily over the mobile either in the SMS or email format. You can also send the website links related to the events to the mobile phone users. Keep in mind that you time the message alerts or else the mobile users might ignore them for being intrusive.

b. The software has built in capabilities to market your events over the popular online social media platforms. This is yet another out of the box marketing concept that the conference planning software offer to the event planning companies. News, or updates or any changes in the event schedules can be notified on popular social media channels, in minutes. Your attendees will receive the information almost instantaneously.

c. The interface of event management system is designed to provide the event planning companies a very comprehensive and manageable interface. The best thing is that event planning company can customize the software for the benefit of their business. Customized options such as creating automated emails can be executed in matter of time without any possibilities of delay.

d. New events can be published and hosted on the mouse event. There is no need to wait for hours. Another important thing to note is that event planning companies can host and publish multiple events at same point of time. There is no thought or planning required.

Events management and scheduling software can do plenty of things simultaneously and that's the reason, it rules the conference planning business today. If you are running the events management business in an old fashioned manner, you need to have the event planning and management software. You will realize the benefits of using the software in your business, right from the very first day.
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