Everything you need to know about Field Service Management in ERP
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Everything you need to know about Field Service Management in ERP

For companies that manage offsite workers for the purpose of enhancing customer service and product delivery, then effective field service management is a key role to ensure their successful growth.

Field service management simply refers to the management of these companies’ resources which may include the workers, vehicles in the field and even company property that clients might have. If done manually, this process becomes time-consuming and at times ineffective. There is, therefore, need for automation of some of these functions.

To automate this time-consuming process, organizations implement Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) which is the software that allows automation of office functions and integrates them with the human resource for effective field service management.

Field Service Management in ERP

It is important that an organization implements the best software that serves them well in the course of automating field service management.

Key features of Field Service Management in ERP

Scheduling and management of customer orders. For instance, the software sorts skilled personnel by the level of expertise and availability so that jobs can be assigned easily. The workers can also change their schedule in the event issues arise and the changes successfully updated in the system. Orders and requests from customers are received and assigned accordingly.

Automated communication. The software is integrated with the workers' communication devices hence organization’s technicians can be easily notified in the event instructions change. Customers can also notify them in the case rescheduling is needed. The workers can then act accordingly.

Keeping track of the mobile employees. The software allows the organization’s management to keep track of mobile employees in the field. This can serve as a perfect monitor of employee compliance hence employees give their best. The organization can as well assign workers emergency jobs depending on their location as per the tracking records.

Centralized database. The data collected from each integrated facet like human resource, user interface and even management information is stored in a single centralized database. It is, therefore, easy to search and access the company's records in the centralised database.

Field Service Management

Customer feedback. Customers and clients are connected to the organization’s automated system and can give feedback on the quality of services provided hence the organization can monitor customer satisfaction. Measures can also be implemented to improve in the event of negative feedback.

How it works

It automates office functions and integrates them with other automated field functions under a single database. This example illustrates how it works:

An organization like an Emergency Medical operations company has personnel like drivers and doctors to aid in its sole function- delivering medical services. With the application of ERP, the company keeps records of doctors in the field, their location, and their working schedule. The same is done for the drivers. The system is connected to the personnel's devices like phones so they are notified in the event an Emergency arises.

On the other hand, potential clients are also connected to the system so that they can report an emergency on real time basis. If a client reports an emergency, the management immediately receives the information and checks in the database for any doctor available in the location specified. The doctor is then notified through a text alert and they act accordingly.

What is the purpose?

The purpose of Field Service Management in ERP is to:

Improve productivity. Companies are able to increase returns on investments since they can effectively manage their workers and ensure service delivery as quickly and effectively as possible.

ERP Field Service Management

Monitor worker performance. Since the system keeps records of the task each worker undertakes, the management can accurately monitor worker’s compliance to work functions. Workers, therefore, are obliged to give their best as they are aware their performance is closely monitored.

Improve customer satisfaction. Improved work performance has a direct impact on customer satisfaction since services are delivered to customers on time and upon request. The customers can as well send real-time feedback.

Automate invoice and payment processing. Orders can be handled, others created and accurate invoices produced immediately. Payments can be made remotely and updated continuously. Therefore, risks attached with the handling of cash payments are avoided.

Enable growth of new organizations. New and emerging organizations find it easier to manage tasks and work through the automated ERP software. They can as well market their services hence making their growth accelerated.
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