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Facility booking software

Facility booking software is used for the purposes of booking a room for something, such as a meeting. It not only reserves the room, but it handles all aspects of the event that is taking place in all ways. All the user has to do is enter in the client that is arriving, the attendees of the meeting, the location of the meeting, any parking information, and any food being served at this meeting.

temperature and lighting of the room may also be entered in for the specified time of the meeting. This information is then automatically used to book the room, reserves the parking, informs the client and attendees of the meeting, informs the users caterer of the event, sends the information to the receptionist, and sets the temperature and lighting for the specified time of the meeting. Each attendee will receive an email about the event an hour before it takes place.

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Parking information is also sent to anyone who needs it. Once the initial setup is complete for this system, it makes future events easy to book. All aspects of the meeting itself can be saved, so the user does not have to input repeat information, other then changing the time. The attendees can be the same, the food can be the same, the room itself as well, if this is what the user wants. Repeat meetings for certain things happen frequently, which is why this system could be effective.

When the client or clients arrive for the meeting, the system gives the receptionist all the information needed so that the receptionist can greet the client by name, issue a card for that client to verify their arrival, and direct them to the event. If the meeting is extended for a period of time, the user can go on SMS and request that the meeting be extended for a time until the meeting is over.

Any costs associated with the meeting are also sent to finance to be generated into the costs of the business. Integrated into an ERP system, the use of facility booking software can save on time for the user as well as any energy costs in the meeting room itself.

Facility booking system erp fm

Who would want this software would be people who are frequently having to reserve rooms for meetings, or for people who have large events occurring often that require assistance in the process of making sure all attendees arrive for such events.

From a facilities management perspective, such software could lower energy costs significantly because the temperature and lighting of the room will not commence until the meeting is going to start; and at the end of the meeting, the lights and room is turned off, saving money.

Facility booking software cafm

These features are helpful for such businesses who have to have consistency in quality for meetings and events. It produces better results because it takes all the work that would normally be done for such a task, and allows the user to put in the information once.

They in turn, do not have to continually reserve the same type of events over again that occur frequently. This is why facility booking software is beneficial to place into an ERP system.
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