Facility management software and how it can help your company
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Facility management software and how it can help your company

The size of your business notwithstanding, a facilities management system is a great way to streamline all demanding daily tasks into single software that helps organize your schedule. This application lets you sort your finances, manage bookings, and monitor your utility consumption among other things, but what is it? How does it work and in what ways can facilities management software help your business?

Understanding what facilities management software can do ...

Simply put, facility management software is a kind of computerized maintenance management where software provides systems ad tools to help facilities professionals where computerized maintenance management is beneficial to a business because of the amount it can save by using the software.

Also, experts say that your assets will be better protected by tool management software than traditional methods because you are able to easily spot situations or products where a problem can crop up and nip it right in the bud before it gets out of hand.

Facility management

Facility management software is important because it makes sure that the company assets are not only sustainable but that the company gets the best of them before replacing them. This saves a business a lot of money. This software is also overall management software for all the assets, whether tangible or non-tangible and fixed or current.

Categories of Facility Management Software

Facility management software is very broad and includes various categories you may opt to buy. They include the following:

Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS)

Through this tool, you will be able to see graphical presentation of the fixed assets that you have. However, the most important use of this software component is for efficient management of tasks via tools that can enable scheduling and reporting.

Inventory Management Software IMS

The main work of this component is to ensure that your inventory system is properly managed- from items to supplies. The system also manages your database system to ensure that your inventory is fully utilized.

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)

This component’s main focus is to help enterprises and industries that have intensive assets. Its main work is to properly manage an asset’s life cycle from planning all the way to disposal. The sub-unit may also extend to cover logistics, infrastructure assets and utilities of a company.

Common features of facility management software

A properly implemented system will help a company a company in improving the flow of information across all board and departments to boost operations and efficiency at the same time reduce cost of maintaining the facilities, with these features including ...

Facility management company

1. Space Management

This provides information outlining how a space is used, which types of assets and personnel are in that particular space. It also helps organizations optimize the physical space in their building .This in most occasions helps to avoid purchasing and leasing unnecessary additional space.

2. Energy performance analysis and environmental sustainability

This aids organizations to reduce emery consumption and monitor their carbon footprint. Energy performance tools are the latest additions to facility management systems with more organizations seeking LEED clarifications. They have the reporting and monitoring forecasting capabilities where the monitoring took are used to track how much energy and water is used in an area within a building and the total amount of they of waste the building produces.

3. Maintenance Management

This allows organizations to track and create various workers orders for maintained activities.All building software always offer some type of maintenance software that can be used to help an organization evaluate the physical conditions of that particular building.

4. Lease administration

This provides a central storage area for tracing vital leased documents and information and in most occasions helps an organization reduces cases of data errors to avoid pricey penalties and speed up data entry by automating lease tracking process. It’s helpful to companies that manage large lease portfolio.

5. Assets management

This helps organizations know how to optimize the use and placements of assets which in turn reduces the cash spending's. By this it tracks and manages an organizations assets from the department where they are located, how they are frequently used and when to repair and replace them.

6. Move Management

This software helps track the move schedule, cost and in turn supports the organization in keeping moving costs down by identifying the least disrupting and well-organized moving process.

7. Capital project and program management

It helps various businesses manage their capital construction projects because it enables them trail key business and project information from the beginning to the end of a building’s life cycle. This includes from pre-construction to maintenance period.

Facilities management

Advantages of facility management software

Improves your output

Operation managers can significantly improve their yield with an all in one facility management system. This can be done by managing the entire business facility at one position, with errands being assigned all the way through the management staff and be monitored from a planned level.

Environmentally Friendly

Many companies are shifting facilities mismanagement into a computer aided system and avoid or being careful in their use of paper based material to allow business to drastically lower their carbon footprint and frequent usage of paper in the work place. Improved security for your business

This Facility Management software allows businesses to record safe, secure and store thing information or data is a centralized location at the same time set privacy on which specific users should be able to access the information. By this is enables an organization track and assign data to various department across the facilities and be able to know who has the right of access to data across the building.

Integrated Workshop Management System

The main work of this tool is to help you with a very important asset of your company- the human resource or manpower. It integrates the workplace with employees using tools that enable the operation setting be more productive. Through the system, employees can communicate with other employees internally and it also offers an improved workplace condition for all your staffs. The concerns of your employees will be immediately addressed, and it will also guarantee continuous workflow.

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