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Facility Service Solutions

Managing the facility services in your business can be a time consuming task for any organization and it takes a lot of efforts at the cost of compromising the important business responsibilities.You should have a personalized Facility Service Program in order to be fully focused on your business. Neither you have to be a big organization nor you have to pay hefty pay-checks in order to leverage such services. You just need to pay a lump-sump for all the manage services which you use.

There are certain vendors in the market which can be a great help in this regard and one of those vendors is Facility Service Solutions, who not only provides facility management but also offers the services. There are a number of benefits of choosing a facility management vendor because of the following -

Facility Services

Qualified Service Providers

These vendors conduct a screening of their service providers hence it is guaranteed that the workforce is qualified and knows how to offer an excellent service to their clients. Besides the Quality checks, the service providers are also checked for their background. They only hire the people who have a proven track of offering good services. Hence with Quality, Security is also assured.

Customized Services

There is always an option of tailoring the services as per your need. You can only select what service you need and you will be paid only for that. As per your organizational needs you can decide the services. There may be some additional services which they don't offer at the moment but you can always let them know if you need anything special and it is crucial for your business. They may launch that particular service to meet your requirements or can modify their existing model to help you there.

ERP Facility Service Solutions

No Long Term Contracts

Yes, you don't have to sign a year long contract with these vendors in order to avail their services. They are quite flexible and you can always cancel the services by giving a short notice. Either of the parties can cancel the services voluntarily by giving the notice to the opposite party. After the payments the matter can be sorted out very easily.

Dedicated Account Manager

They assign a single point of contact for all your escalations hence you are free to report for any breach of conduct or any service degrading. The Account Manager then checks the complete feedback which has been reported by you. He then takes necessary actions to make the things working or provides some scope of improvement if possible.

Facility Service Solution


They have a proper communication channel where you can provide the feedback of the services which are being offered to you and you can always let them know if things are not going as per your expectations or if any improvement is required. Apart from this they have a customer care support which is operation round the clock.

Hence, you can see that there are number of benefits if you hire such vendor. You should only focus on your business and continue to grow more and more and leave all your worries regarding facility to the facility service solutions.
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