Features of a good Purchase Order Software
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Features of a good Purchase Order Software

A purchase order is a crucial part of accounting irrespective of the size of a business. It captures details such as the price, quantity and delivery of an item bought. A business can truly know what profit or loss it made by accounting for all of its purchases. This is the main essence why businesses put a good purchase order system in place, so to save small businesses a lot of time and paperwork, there is need to make use of Enterprise Resource Planning Purchase Ordering.

A purchase order software which is user-friendly and allows a bookkeeper to get record of everything is what a small business needs.

Purchase Orders


This feature allows the small business owner to email any purchase order document as an attachment. The small business owner might have need to correspond with a vendor. For instance, the vendor may have supplied 40 pieces of an item whereas 50 pieces where ordered for. Instead of arguing back and forth, the purchase order can simply be emailed to the supplier to crosscheck with. The attachment can be in the form of a text, Microsoft word document or a HTML web document.


It is not just enough to store information on a purchase order software; there is also the need to have an advanced search feature. This feature helps the small business owner to find whatever information required with ease. With an advanced search feature, it is easy to narrow down a search with certain conditions. The condition might be using a date, tracking number, and so on. So instead of looking through files in search of a particular information, the advanced search button takes care of all the stress.

Purchase Ordering in ERP


This is another feature that a purchase order software should have, the contact manager contains a list of addresses and telephone numbers of vendors. Anytime the services of a particular vendor is needed, a quick search through the contact manager provides the required information. This feature should also allow the small business owner easy access to copy the vendor's name and contact address and paste it on any document the small business owner desires.


For a small business owner that does business with businesses in other countries, this feature is most helpful. The way it works is that the exchange rate is first established on the purchase order software for each country that the small business transacts with. Once the exchange rate is established, the purchase order is converted to the appropriate currency of the chosen country. This does not mean that the original value has been forgotten.

Purchase Order Software

At any time the small business owner desires, the currency can be converted back to that of the originating country. This feature should also allow a printed purchase order to include the appropriate ISO country code of the currency.


There are times when several purchase orders would need to be printed at once. Printing them one after the other would be time consuming for the small business owner. A good purchase order software should be able to print several purchase orders at once and allow the small business owner time to do other things.
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