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A Real-Time Fleet Management System for Organizations of all sizes
Always keep track of your work fleet & know where your workforce is during all working hours
Manage Costs
Manage and save on your annual fleet costs, from fuel usage, servicing and vehicle maintenance
Safety & Compliance
With speed monitoring and live updates, always ensure that your work fleet abiding keeping with local road laws when in use.
Real Time
Live updates and tracking of all vehicles in real-time directly to your PC or desktop in high definition maps
Route & Traffic Updates
Calculate and provide routes for your staff to ensure they can get to their destinations on time and divert from congested areas
CAFM Systems
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HiDef Maps
Experience fleet management tracking in high definition maps with the latest satellite feeds
Your Workfleet in Transition
Have full visibility of your entire workfleet from start to finish on all day to day operations
Vehicles in non-use
When any of your workfleet is statuary and not in use, its location and visibility is still shown on your map locater
Vechile in transit
ERP:FM fleet managemnt tracker operates with pin point accuracy, and tracks the journey, speed and fuel usage of each vehicle
Vehicle in-use
The instance one of your employees start the engine to one of your vehicles, this is shown instantly and in real-time on your work fleet map.
Intellect at a glance
Our fleet management icons indicate individual vehicles and there current status clearly, designed to be fully visible and identifiable so as it's clear and manageable for you
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Security Compatible
ERP fleet management has been designed to be compatible with all tracking security features, including 'panic alarm alerts' and voice recording
Fleet Management
Always ensure full productivity and intellect on your entire workfleet
Servicing & Maintenance
Always meet compliance and assign upcoming service maintenance to your workfleet
Ownership & History
Build up a history of your workfleet and assign individual staff to vehicles
No Limits with ERP
No Limits with ERP
Set up specific geofencing area limitation for individual projects or vehicles to ensure your fleet are optimized and stay within specified areas, with instant notification and live updates directly to you desktop or portable device.

With ERP:FM geofencing you can also create fencing around your estates and building, with alerts set up to notify you when you work fleet are approaching or on site.
For fleets of all sizes
ERP:FM fleet management is perfect for large organizations with large work fleets, while also accommodating local independent business with smaller work fleets
The power of journey intellect
Having the intellect of off of your fleets previous journeys is critical for management in saving costs and ensuring full productivity of all your Fleet assets. In ERP:FM you can clearly see and select any of a vehicles previous journeys, from point A to B.

All of these core fleet management features are easily accessed via your fleet management tab. You can open numerous vehicle journey history logs at the same time, making it easy to manage and analysis on all critical data.
The power of journey intellect