Food and consumer products relationship with ERP
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Food and consumer products relationship with ERP

Enterprises are set up for a core function of profitability. However, other business goals such as fulfilling customer?s needs and satisfaction hence ensuring that they are maximum satisfaction are also prime objectives. To ensure that the objectives stated above are achieved, different business functions such as manufacturing, purchasing, sales and marketing, inventory management, finance, shipping among other business activities have to be smoothly operated.

It, however, isnt easy to integrate all these processes manually as it will turn out to be hectic and difficult to manage. To facilitate this integration, ERPs, (Enterprise Resource Planning) software are been developed to suit the need of different organisations including food and consumer products manufacturers and vendors. ERP software provides an integrated view of core business? processes linked with a real-time database that facilitates the flow of information across all business functions.

ERP Consumable Production

Food and consumer products enterprises have different business functions that intertwine hence need and industry-specific ERP as a business strategic investments to facilitate the following functions which relate to each other;

Product planning and purchasing.

Inventory management.

Sales and marketing.

Accounting and finance.

Shipping and payment.


Service delivery.

For every finished product, there was a process that took place to convert some raw materials into the final product. ERP helps production team in planning the amount of raw materials needed to be purchased so as to produce final products that will be sold to consumers. This information will be derived from sales projection and analysis of market trends from the sales and marketing function. Some food products that are perishable and do not have any preservatives in them need to be produced in manageable quantities so as to minimise losses that may occur from overproduction of food products that may go unpurchased thereby aiding in the business manufacturing function.

Food Production Software

Real-time databases that are updated from time to time are linked with the ERP to manage available stock. This analysis will help in sales projection, product planning, and purchasing, sales, and marketing strategist. This function is referred to as inventory management. Business resources are tracked and also provides a base from a business profitability and financial position.
Important and critical decisions such as manufacturing and marketing can be derived from the inventory management function with the aid of ERP software. From the inventory and stock, commodities for sale to consumers are derived. Adequacy for clients order can be easily assessed before committing to delivering. This will minimise upsetting clients by having their expectations high.

Shipping and payment details are also integrated into the software making it easy to track an enterprises fleet as consumers delivery is made. As soon as payment is made, which in most instances is done on the delivery of goods to the consumer, the real-time database automatically updates itself. Hence returns inwards into the business are easily tracked and customer complaints from the products and services are easily addressed and corrected accordingly.

Consumable Production Software

Finally, ERP facilitates accounting and finance from all the above processes which consume resources aimed at deriving a profit. From the cumulative sales made, current inventory and expenses incurred from all other business functions and processes, financial position are easily determined as required.

ERP software is an investment that will enhance efficiency of operations, controlled costs, balanced supply and demand, increased throughput, remote working and collaboration of departments among other benefits that an ERP adds to your business.
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