Football Clubs and ERP Software
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Football Clubs and ERP Software

Football clubs don't just operate business in a brick and mortar style. The first thing they always need to do is find out how to efficiently manage their assets. For this reason, they will always rely on some football Club Software to organize facility management, plan for match day and do many other things. If they decide to go with ERP software, they can enjoy even more convenient features.

How football clubs use ERP software to manage their assets

Any club software can be selected based on the number of people it can accommodate. The estimated number of teams that can be handled range from 5 to 10, although more teams can be added upon request.

Football club software erp fm

Also, it's important to note that even though teams are restricted based on the plan that the software is working on, a good software will accommodate an unlimited number of users in the system, as follows is a guide of features that serve as the backbone of how a football club operates:

(a) Player availability

A football club doesn't have to work so hard to determine if a player will or will not be available for the match or event.

Clubs used to initiate endless email threads wanting to confirm player attendance. But things are quite different these days since most software will provide the tracking mechanism to allow the club management know the availability status of every player.

Some clubs even operate with software that allows them to easily manage long term injury or player unavailability. With this kind of planning, a football club will never find itself at crossroads when no player is showing up at a time when they don't have a backup team.

(b) Team data

Without easy documenting of team stats, a football club would find it extremely difficult to manage their members and performance as well.

Therefore, if statistics are a must, then there has to be a way of documenting wins, losses, ties and even streaks. Also, because the club management is able to view individual player stats using software, they can rate and rank their players accordingly. What's more, there is also the possibility of rewarding players with points as they keep playing for the club.

(c) Player sign in and off

Planning for matches, tournaments and events is never an easy thing. It takes time and careful planning to know which players will be participating and which ones will not. Also, with this feature, players will be able to sign in and off for training at their convenience. This facilitates record keeping and efficient management of team members.

Football club system erp fm

(d) Team data

A football club software should provide easy filing of team data and images. With this record in place, the soccer management will never go wrong on all player activities. Also, storing team data is very beneficial since those records can be pulled out anytime they are needed.

(e) The ability to customize players, their training and other details

It is very possible to customize player details with their training and skill level. This way, the management of a football club will have an easy time matching players to soccer events that meet their skill level. Also, the ability to customize player details gives the management the freedom to profile every player with details that reflect who they are and what role they play in the soccer team.

The strategy is very simple; the person in charge will drag and drop their players like they would do in a video game. They will then choose their players, strategy and then assign duties. Once this is done, notification will be sent to every player with complete details on when they should be available.

(f) Team Calendar and messaging

Working with a team calendar is beneficial because it gives the football team the ability to stay within their schedule. A calendar allows for planning ahead of time while the messaging functionality allows for convenient communication with team members regardless of where they are. It's an all-in-one system that manages every asset that a football club will ever have.

With this feature, football clubs will have no problem managing recurring events, postponing or canceling games, inviting players at a moment's notice and so on. In fact, with this team Calendar, it's easy to manage leagues and cups, while displaying details in terms of date, time, location and opponent. This way, a football club will have an easy time managing their teams accordingly.

(g) Group emails

Group emailing allows for convenient communication with team members regardless of where they are. Most software will allow sending email and mobile notification in one-click to save time.

Emails and mobile notification can also be scheduled and sent out only when it's convenient. This can also be done with invitations and reminders so that team members can always keep with the schedule.

Some software even provide an integrated comment system on games just before and after they've been played. Players can always start a comment thread and chat freely with other players on matters related to football.

Football club software  facilities management

(h) The archive system

You see, a football club can only run efficiently when they have an archive of every player activity. Their players are their assets, and as always, if assets cannot be managed properly, then it means the profitability of the team will also suffer in the long run.

The big football clubs out there know how to keep their stats intact. They also know how to track comments and reports to make the lives of their players easy. Depending on the kind of software they are using, they can even work with a software that allows them to list their teams' awards according to year and competition.


Generally, every football club out there will run the same way any other business runs. A football club does a lot more in terms of asset and facility management even before they can get to organize their teams to play against their opponents out there. Without a good software that can adapt easy, this is obviously makes the task much harder to accommodate the special requirements. Here at ERP:FM we can adapt our solutions to fit in with the special circumstances and customization a club requires.
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