Getting a condition based monitoring to your ERP for safekeeping
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Getting a condition based monitoring to your ERP for safekeeping

Getting an ERP for any kind of business or company is something really useful for the fact that it allows us to keep information of the entire company in just one platform being online or a software. For big companies this is important as too keep a good profit so investing in one of this is definitely a good choice.

The information in these are introduced manually or automatically depending on the information that it being processed, so being a relief for many employees the software itself can help to cross many difficulties and errors.

Condition based monitoring

As any computer and user we want the information of it to stay safe from any possibilities of it being damaged, destroyed, robbed or changed and for that we often use anti-virus software to protect it, in the case of ERP it is used a condition based monitoring system (or CBM) and condition based maintenance (or CBM) to keep files and records in safe. Each of the two process get a reason and order for working.

CBM is a predictive maintenance that evaluates the database during operations so that information is recollected and this is used to predict things that can happen (this can be applied to various products not just data) or how much time can a product or information got until it fails or needs a change. Condition Based Maintenance is a process that goes after the CBM because it is a requirement after the analysis, the Condition based Maintenance it is only started after the products got multiple reports of it failing.

Getting a Condition Based Monitoring is really important in the case of ERP mostly because the information of the company is being managed by a central unit which can get damaged both in structure or can get any internal errors. The process of analysis does not take anything away because it is a very light process so there is no problem in it taking a big part of the memory of the system making it slow and making other applications or software run slow.

ERP condition based monitoring

When the process is done the information is passed into a report of how the equipment is working and how is the information. If the CBM finds any problems in this process it immediately overwrites the report and lets out an estimation on how long can the equipment keep working before it fails or how is the data processing inside the same equipment and many more that the same CBM is programed to show.

There are things to be considered into this, as downside for everything CBM can provide the cost for the tools needed is high in any kind of marked because of its high demand for many companies, also the use of these tools are limited to employees who meet the requirement for this and the preparation for using the tools is also expensive making it a big waste of time and money for many business and companies. Depending of the environment the database presents this CBM can get fatigued and may not work and this might be a problem too because if the CBM gets fatigued the error reports may also get mistakes leading this to more money expending and the tool in which we though would lead us away from problems is actually pushing us into more of them.

ERP with Condition Based Monitoring are two things that do need to be by the hand not just because of errors of the equipment but for the errors in the information processing, if the information is not processed correctly it might lead the same information to a complete loss of the data making it being catastrophic for companies that base their functionality in information and data.

Condition based monitoring for ERP

If the monitoring detects an error the maintenance goes into action and corrects the errors in the same information allocated in the main database so that the errors get fixed. It can happen that the error cannot be fixed and the CBM presents the file as a failed file but the same tools let you get the information out of the corrupted file and go to a new one to fix it so that any information gets lost.

Understanding the need of the Condition Based Monitoring and Maintenance is important for companies and business with a ERP system ongoing for the reason of keeping not just equipment but information safe so that they can present to customers or clients the correct information with no fails or errors.

The CBM is an impressive tool and, depending on the area it’s being used, can change totally the result of the process and also assuring a high grade of satisfaction of your client or customer at the moment of giving up the product.
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