The Global Market of Enterprise Resource Planning
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The Global Market of Enterprise Resource Planning

In this article we are going to cover some of the crucial facts and figures concerning the Global Market of ERP and how it is going under certain changes and what the future holds for ERP. We intend to study ERP Market in terms of global environment. In this article our purpose is to give your a sharp bird's eye of the ERP Industry and its happenings in the near future.

Enterprises Resource Planning brings integration and cooperativeness to organisation in many ways. It makes it possible for the company to communicate in every form between all its branches. It acts as a bedrock of stability and all the while allowing the company to speed up the process. In today's highly competitive, hyper innovative and super challenging environment, some companies can not even survive without ERP. Some people even go on to say that future of industries depends upon the future of ERP but what about the future of ERP, especially ERP coping with the changes of globalisation with our world spinning at a blazing speed which in turn is bringing a new world order.

Global Market of Enterprise Resource Planning

ERP Software Global Market

This market is estimated to generate a sweet $42.50 billion by 2020. It also expected to maintain a CAGR of estimated 6.20% to 7.5%. These figures may vary but we can clearly see that the future holds a good room for growth. Reports predicts that Highest Revenue will come from America followed by Europe, APAC and LAMEA, but some are more hopeful about Asia, they say that growing Asia will bring many opportunities in future. By function Finance is to hold the top position and Manufacturing will rule the ERP market in terms of verticals. Many industry pundits are betting on the future of Cloud ERP which is yet to take hold of the Market. With the vendor competition getting fierce every day, many changes are underway but these are supposed to be for good.


At the time of writing (14th April 2017) SAP holds the number one position in terms of market share, with its executives declaring the migration of 3,200 customers to the new version of the company's flagship product, SAP is said to be future ready. The next is Oracle which is essentially a database company but it is expected to bring changes and challenges for its competitors with its Cloud Services. Another future ready competitor is Microsoft with its ERP brand Dynamics, which it has converted into Dynamics 365 with Cloud CRM and Cloud ERP combined into one. Others like Infor, Epicor, Netsuite and ERP:FM are also preparing for the heated battle with their innovations, planning and acquisitions.

ERP Global

Cloud vs On Premise

Does cloud hold the key to the future? This is the biggest question today that every expert is trying to answer, for some it may seem obvious and for others it may seem far fetched but one thing is certain, that cloud is here to stay. No matter what your industry is or what your choice of company is, cloud is certain to disrupt and this disruption will be for good. On the one hand technologies like Amazon Web Services are bringing phenomenal change, this will replace many pieces in equation of ERP Solutions, on the other hand emergence of Internet of Things is also changing the consumer side of the story. With all said and done, On Premise ERP is still big and will remain so for quite some time. You would also see some changes in On Premise ERP but they won't be as revolutionary as changes in Cloud.

Cloud vs On Premise


When it comes to business opportunities and big revenue generation, telecom has been the centre for attraction without a shred of doubt. It holds this position because Telecom requires high demanding real time sales support, order management and billing etc, which turns Telecom companies to find solutions in ERPs. Many Industries still hold untapped potential for ERP Solutions Companies.

One such industry is Healthcare, which is facing new challenges everyday. Some say that rapid expansion of hospitals is main cause behind their move towards ERPs, while others predict it the change in the consumer behaviour and expectations of high performance which is the binding force between ERP Solutions and Healthcare Industry. Many big and small players are also bringing innovations and technologies in every day healthcare so it is paramount for the hospitals to keep up with the changes and deliver care and treatment beyond the expectation for the patient and his/her family of the 21st century.
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