Golf Courses and Enterprise Resource Planning
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Golf Courses and Enterprise Resource Planning

The game of golf has also felt the sweeping effect of technology. Enterprise Resource Planning is now being used by golf clubs to improve their management game. Since ERP is cloud-based, it has made it accessible enough that ERP FM have developed applications to assist golfers on the golf course through the proxy of the club. ERP for Golf Courses has integrated data from about 30,000 golf courses across the globe. The impact it now has on golf courses are:

IMPROVED PLAY: Golfers now use their cell phones to know the distance between the golf ball and the tee. This has made them to abandon their former reliance on yard markers while on the golf course. With the accuracy of an ERP software, this has helped golfers to accurately predict the distance of the shot they need to play next. The software application also suggests the right club the golfer will need to use in order to make the perfect shot. This use of ERP has aided golfers to make better shots and good decisions on the right golf club to use.

ERP integrates with the golf club to offer up vital information to golfers navigating the course

ERP for Golf

REAL TIME INFORMATION: ERP FM presently is making way to challenge those at the top in leading the golf world in the use of Enterprise Resource Planning. We have led the way in providing the application users with precise information when they want it. They presently make use of an ERP for Golf Courses for effective communication of data to the application users. the way the information is relayed immediately to the application user is one benefit the game of golf has derived by making use of ERP.

COST CUTTING: Previously it is the duty of a golf caddy to notify the golfer of potential hazards. The caddy even suggests to the golfer what kind of golf club is best to use at each point in time. All these have changed. With the applications available on their cell phones, golfers now get all these tips. There is even an edge.

Unlike a caddy who is likely to make one or two human errors that may be the thin line between the golfer winning or losing the game, the application available to the golfer on the cell phone gives an accurate detail. Golfers can now save money since they do not need a caddy that much anymore. This puts them in a position to negotiate on what to pay anyone who wants to be their caddy.

PRODUCTIVITY: With information being readily available, it has improved the way golf is being managed. With the use of ERP for Golf Courses, order sheets can be easily scanned by employees at the warehouse as well as serial numbers and items before they are picked, packed, or shipped through the very sophisticated UPS integration application.

This function that is made possible because of ERP captures the tracking number of the package. An email is then generated automatically to inform the client of their shipment details. This addition now makes it possible to track a unit from the moment a receipt was issued through the distribution process up until retail purchase. it also goes as far as service and repair if there is need for it.

ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT: ERP is providing a room for improvement in the game of golf. With ERP FM positioned to become a leader in ERP for Gold clubs, our desire is to make a contribution to golf, the game can only get better for it. With some healthy competition likely to ensue, there will be more improvements to the game than just letting a golfer know the best golf club to use. ERP has been of huge benefit to the game of golf and from the look of things, it is not showing any sign of slowing down yet.

ERP Golf Club

PLANNING: Planning golf events have been made easier with ERP for Golf Courses.In the course of a golfing season, there are many tours to play as well as the Majors. The initial stress associated with planning and scheduling all these tours have now been eliminated. With the use of erp in connecting over 30,000 golf courses across the globe, sharing information has been made a whole lot easier. This has reflected in golf tours being planned more better and quicker.

EFFECTIVE MANAGEMENT: The management of each golf course have also keyed in to the use of ERP for Golf Courses which is available to each of them. Before tours are played, golf courses need to be maintained to preserve them in the way they were designed. Each golf course has its own design, so being able to effectively manage it requires some level of efficiency and accuracy. This is what the game of golf has benefited since it accepted the use of ERP.

ERP Software for Golf Courses

IMPROVED IMAGE: The image of golf has greatly improved since ERP for Golf Courses was introduced. For golf enthusiasts, the transparency of the game has made it more of a gentlemanly game. From the way orders are handled to the effective tracking system in place, the transparency involved has endeared them more to the game.

The fact that they know what is involved in the game has helped in moving their interest in the game up a notch. Other sports after seeing the transformation in the game of golf with the introduction of many features that has helped improve the game will want to emulate a thing or two. This puts the image of golf in a good stead.

Golf has always been a beautiful game which is why it is referred to as a gentleman's game. not relying on what used to work in the past, ERP for Golf Courses was adopted and it has helped in improving how the game is played as well as how the management of the game has improved., with it being left to be seen how much more improvement the game of golf will benefit for using ERP.
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