Government housing and facilities management
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Government housing and facilities management

Facilities management embodies a lot of disciplines with the singular aim of ensuring that the built environment functions properly. This is achieved when people, technology, systems, places and processes are well integrated. This form of asset management concerns itself solely with the task of running a profitable maintenance, monitoring and operations of buildings and properties. It is not restricted to private properties and buildings alone as government housing, such as office buildings and facilities, are inclusive. They also need good strategies to make sure they are effectively managed.

There are many benefits to be derived if government housing projects are managed by a facilities management company. This is because government has a lot of assets to be managed and can not manage facilities as well as run the government at the same time. Facilities of the government range from real estate, transportation, lighting, IT services to many more.

Facilities Management

The physical infrastructure such as buildings; and the people and organization such as accounting and marketing, are the scope which facilities management can provide government with.Being an embodiment of many disciplines, it is not an easy task to integrate people, technology, systems, places and processes to achieve a functional environment. The Facilities Management ERP software helps to ensure that the rigor of managing facilities is handled effectively.


There are just too many things to take note of during a government housing project. Each and every one of them is essential if the aim of proper integration of the assets, internal staff and suppliers is to be achieved. With the aid of the ERP software, capital assets can easily be tracked in addition to contracts. It is very important to be able to measure performance in real time; and only the ability to track every little detail ensures that. Service level agreements can also be tracked with the aid of the ERP software. When all these are tracked in real time, the benefit of improving operational efficiency is achieved.

With the ability to forecast the quality of service and performance, operating costs are greatly reduced.With the use of the ERP software, the internal staff and suppliers' welfare can be easily managed leading to their performing their various duties diligently. This is achieved as the ERP software has their history, service requirements and the requirements that they would need in future well stored. The internal staff and suppliers will see that their needs are being handled as-at-when-due.


Part of the problem in work spaces is the inability to detect what might affect the productivity of an internal staff or a supplier. With a service level agreement in place and tracked by the ERP software, a government housing project can be well managed by a facilities management company.In the case of the staff for instance, proper handling of their payroll is of key importance to them.

There is nothing as bad as having an agreement to pay an internal staff on the First Monday of each Month for instance, only to forget to do that. It will result in the internal staff putting down their tools in some instance. This in turn affects productivity because work time has been delayed due to an issue of non-payment of salaries that could have easily been detected and dealt with.

The same goes for a supplier who does not receive payment for goods or services supplied as at when due. If the supplier holds back their service, it also amounts to a delay in work. Considering that a facilities management company has the function of seamlessly integrating assets, internal staff and suppliers in order to smoothly run a government housing project with a view of reducing cost; the benefits of using an ERP software to achieve it can not be overstated.

Facility Management


The management's task is to improve delivery of service. The asset the facilities management company is dealing with in this case is the government housing project; and it can only be effectively managed when the suppliers are well taken care of as well as the internal staff.Good management decisions need to be taken in matters related to the day-to-day activities which can be quite overwhelming if not properly handled.

With the aid of the ERP software, the management can make good decisions in matters like how operations should run.Management knows when the order of bricks for instance are needed and in what quantity. As the government housing project progresses, management can track when not to order bricks again but sand. The short and long-term plans can be effectively achieved with an ERP software.

Facility Management ERP


Assets need to be repaired or maintained every once in a while to give it longevity. With the help of the ERP software, scheduled dates for repairs and maintenance of an asset can easily be kept track of.This in turn will reduce cost, because the downtime of an asset like a bulldozer for instance is a loss in profit.

Loss because the time it can be put to work to help in the generation of income is lost as it is not in a workable condition. Issues like this are avoided when an ERP software is used to monitor dates for repair and maintenance.


A happy customer translates to a repeat business. So when the government housing project is completed in record time without issues like an internal strike staff arising, or suppliers refusing to supply their goods or services; the government would gladly offer the facilities management company another contract that it undertakes.Since the aim of doing business is to make profit by serving a customer well and doing a repeat business, the facilities management company will see an improved profitability in their books of accounts.

With the aid of an ERP software, a facilities management company achieves the benefit of getting the best out of their suppliers and internal staff. With an internal staff that is paid on time and other welfare needs met; suppliers who receive their payments after making their supplies; the government housing project which is the physical asset in this case, is properly maintained and serviced.

This seamless integration helps the facilities management company to achieve a profit by reducing cost through effectively using the ERP software. All these benefits are gotten when an ERP software is used by a facilities management company for a government housing project.
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